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E and SE Asia

Capital of China Beijing
Capital of Japan Tokyo
Capital of South Korea Seoul
Crops grow very well near what Chinese River? Hwang He River
Land in northern China is very fertile due to what substance? Loess
Loess from the Gobi Desert has caused flooding which makes the land more Fertile or Arable
Who is in control in a command economy? the government
What type of government would allow its citizens to freely report the news as they see it? Representative government, democracy, republic
The Three Gorges Dam produces what type of energy? Hydro- from water
What would be the MAIN reason for migration to urban areas of Asia? To look for work- make more money
The use of coal for energy in China has led to what issue? pollution, smog, acid rain
The use of coal for energy in China has led to what advantage? Money and energy for people
What environmental issue is affecting the economy of Indonesia? Deforestation and overcrowding
How can most of the land in Southeast Asia be described? islands, archipelagos, peninsulas
List the reasons why population rates would increase in urban areas. Better jobs, more money, better healthcare
China's policy of population control is called the One Child Policy
What type of economy would encourage entrepreneurs and competition? Market Economy
The process of clearing forests is called deforestation
The area encompassing the Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur is called The Ring of Fire
Censoring the media and government controlling all aspects of life describes which East Asian country? North Korea
Daoist believe it is important to keep your life _____. Balanced
Japan has a high gross domestic product because... Japan exports finished goods
What is an issue that Japan faces since they are an island? Isolation and must import natural resources
What is a tsunami? Underwater earthquake
After a tsunami what happens? Huge wave
What energy source does China rely on the most? Coal
What type of resource is coal? Nonrenewable and fossil fuel
Controlling access to news information or limiting freedom of speech would be the goal of what East Asian countries? North Korea and China
What Asian country has recently moved from a command economy to a market economy? China
How can China's government be described? Authoritarian
How is farming possible in China? Terraced farming and double cropping
Name the cultural hearth of China? Hwang He River Valley
Why is North Korea's economy weak when compared to South Korea? Government controls everything
What has happened to population centers because of the construction of the Three Gorges Dam? People forced to move from homes
If countries do not have enough resources, such as Japan's lack of natural resources, what must they do? Trade
What religion originated or started in East Asia? Daoism
Name the desert in East Asia Gobi
Tropical forests (rainforests) cover much of what Southeast Asian country? Indonesia
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