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Imaging1 chap 11

Imaging1. Prime Factors

Unit of measurement for x-ray quantity? Roentgen
What are the 4 factors that directly affect x-ray quantity? mAs, kV, distance, filtration
What are the prime factors? mAs (quantity), kVp (quality), distance
What are the 2 factors that directly affect x-ray quality? kV and filtration
X-ray quality is numerically represented by the ____. half-value layer (HVL).
What is the HVL? The HVL of an x-ray beam is that thickness of absorbing material needed to reduce the x-ray intensity (quantity) to half it's original value.
What is mA? measurement of x-ray tube current, the number of electrons crossing the tube per second.
mA is quantity or quality? Quantity.
what is mAs? unity used to describe the product of tube current (mA) and exposure time (seconds)
When calculating the relationships between distance and x-ray intensity, what mathematical expression should be used? Inverse square law. i1 over i2 = D2 over D1 (intensity is mR)
Reciprocity law is? IR exposure should remain unchanged as long as the intensity and duration of the x-ray exposure remains unchanged. (80mA @ .04 seconds is the same as 160mA @ .02 seconds)
Increasing the kilovoltage will cause an increase in the ___ and ___ of the electrons. speed and energy
kV affects the quantity because? and it affects the quality because? quantity- because more interactions occur at the target as kVp increases, and quality because each electron has more energy, resulting in a beam with greater penetrability.
quantity (kVp) is approximately directly proportional to the ______.. square of the ratio of the change in kVp. (as Kvp is doubled, the amount of x-ray photons increases about 4 times)
If kVp is decreased by 15%, expsore will be what? reduced by one-half.
If minting the exposure is desired, decreasing the kVp by 15% should be accompanied by what? doubling the mAs.
What is the exposure maintenance formula? mAs1 over mAs2 = D1 over D2
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