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ES 3.2 Thermal Heat

Conduction, Convection & Radiation Examples

A person cooling in cool bath conduction
Basement is cooler than the attic convection
Being warmed by a hot rock conduction
Grilling hamburgers radiation
Boiling potatoes in water convection
Heat you feel when you touch a hot stove conduction
Getting a sunburn radiation
Cold water sinking convection
Heat transfer from a heat source through a solid conduction
Why the dog lays down next to the wood stove radiation
Hot curling iron on hair conduction
Heated gas or liquid particles rise convection
Hot air balloon in the sky convection
Heat you feel when you put your hands above a fire convection
Infrared heat waves like the Electromagnetic spectrum radiation
Heat you feel when you sit next to a campfire radiation
Microwave heating food radiation
Hot water rising convection
Warm water at the surface of water convection
Why the kettle on the stove gets hot conduction
My spoon is hot after leaving it on the pot that was on the stove conduction
Propane heater heating a room radiation
The heat my snake feels from the heat lamp radiation
Heat we feel from the sun radiation
The reason heating vents are usually placed on the floor of a Home convection
This is responsible for making macaroni rise and fall in a pot on the stove convection
This type of heat transfer is trapped by green houses radiation
Tongue sticking to a frozen pole conduction
Transfer of heat by the actual movement of a gas or liquid convection
Warm air rising over a beach convection
Why you use a pot holder when getting the cookie sheet out of the oven conduction
Created by: dfosterteacher