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RADT 465

ARRT Registry Review Covering Radiation Protection

What is the annual whole body equivalent dose limit for an occupational worker? 50 mSv or 5 rem Pg. 148
What is the annual occupational whole body dose equivalent for students under the age of 18? 1 mSv or 0.1 rem Pg. 148
What is the annual occupational dose equivalent limit for thyroid, skin, and extremities? 500 mSv or 50 rem Pg. 148
Effects that will not occur below a particular threshold dose and that will increase in severity as time goes on is known as? Nonstochastic deterministic Pg. 148
Least radiosensitive cells in the human body? Nerve cells Pg. 149
This type of effect usually occurs with high LET radiations and when ionized occurs at the DNA molecule itself? Direct effect Pg. 149
This effect occurs when ionization takes place away from the DNA molecule in the cell water? Indirect effect Pg. 149
Radiation effects that appear days or weeks following exposure (early effects) are in response to high doses of radiation is known to be? Acute radiation syndrome Pg. 149
This type of dosimeter contains an ionization chamber containing air and a needle read out meter? Pocket dosimeter Pg. 150
Represents the relative tissue radiosensitivity of irradiated material? Tissue weighting factor (Wt) Pg. 150
Number assigned to different types of ionizing radiation in order to better determine their effect on tissue? Radiation weighting factor (Wr) Pg. 150
Relatively low energy photon uses all its energy to eject an inner shell electron, leaving a vacancy? Photoelectric effect Pg. 150
Low energy photon interacts with an atom, but causes no ionization is known as? Classic scatter Pg. 151
Another name for classic scatter is known as? Thompson scatter Pg. 151
What kind of filter is used to decrease patient skin dose by absorbing the low energy photons? Aluminum filter Pg. 152
Radiation delivered in portions over a period of time is known as? Fractionated radiation Pg. 153
Unit of exposure often used to express the quantity of ionizations in the air? Roentgen Pg. 154
Known as dry, or peeling of the skin? Dry desquamation Pg. 155
Tissues with ______ density absorb more of the x-ray beam? Greater Pg. 156
Atoms with the same mass number but different atomic number is known as? Isobars Pg. 156
These atoms have the same number of neutrons but different atomic numbers? Isotones Pg. 156
These atoms have the same atomic number and mass number? Isomers Pg. 157
Secondary radiation barriers require which thickness of shielding? 1/32 Pg. 157
RBE and LET have what kind of effect? Direct Pg. 161
This term refers to tissue without oxygen? Anoxic Pg. 165
This term refers to tissue with little oxygen? Hypoxic Pg. 165
Created by: bspayne93