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Practice locating books using the Dewey Decimal System

You think you saw Bigfoot in the woods yesterday. You want a book that shows you what he looks like. 000's General Works
You need to find out what the difference is between whales and dolphins. 500's Science
You missed three days of school because of a stomach bug. You know there is not really a bug in your stomach. What made you sick? 600's Technology
Your aunts and uncles are visiting from Italy and you want to learn some Italian words. 400's Language
Your teacher has asked you to find a poem and memorize it for class next week. Where could you find a book of poems? 800's Literature
You need to earn some extra credit. You decide to draw and label the planets in our solar system. You need a book that shows you the order of the planets. 500's Science
There is a new student in your class from Germany. You want to learn more about this country and where it is located. 900's History and Geography
You have a new friend from Pakistan. He told you that he doesn't go to a church, but a mosque. You want to know what a mosque is. 200's Religion
You want to play basketball this year. You have watched it on T.V. but don't really know all the rules and want to learn more. 700's Arts and Recreation
Your teacher asks you to come up with a list of 10 different fairy tales and folk tales. Where would you find them? 300's Social Science
Your older brother is always telling the funniest jokes. You want to learn some. 800's Literature
You want to learn how to draw comic book characters 700's Arts and Recreation
Your pet hamster, Buttercup, is always escaping from her cage. You want a book that might help you figure out why. 600's Technology
Your mom's birthday is coming up. You want to cook her breakfast and want some ideas of what to make for her. 600's Technology
You just found out that you are related to Amelia Earheart. You want to read a book that will tell you about her life. 900's History and Geography
You watched a movie about a haunted house. Now you want to read a book about houses that might be haunted in the United States. 100's Philosophy
You have a cousin who is deaf. You want to learn some basic sign language. 400's Language
A baby panda was just born at the zoo. You do not know much about pandas and would like to read a book about them. 500's Science
You are interested in learning more about severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes. 500's Science
You are interested in learning more about different holidays and why different cultures celebrate them. 300's Social Science
Created by: amyheil
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