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RADT465 Rad Protect

ARRT registry review covering radiation protection content area

Medical and dental x-rays account for about ____% of manmade radiation 79%
Medical radiation contributes ____% of the public's exposure 50%
A high-speed electron is deflected from its path and the loss of kinetic energy is emitted in the form of an x-ray photon Bremsstrahlung
A high-speed electron ejects a tungsten K-shell electron, leaving a K-shell vacancy, an electron from a higher-energy level shell fills the vacancy characteristic
An incoming photon releases all its energy as it ejects an inner shell electron, an electron from a higher-energy level shell fills the vacancy photoelectric effect
A fairly high-energy x-ray photon interacts with tissue atoms, giving up some of its energy to eject an outer shell electron Compton scatter
This type of radiation comprises 70% - 90% of the primary x-ray beam Bremsstrahlung
The photoelectric effect is more likely to occur in absorbers having high atomic number with low energy photons
Contributes significantly to patient dose photoelectric effect
Contributes to image fog and significant dose to imaging personnel Compton scatter
________ effects occur randomly and are all or nothing type effects (cancer, genetic effects, late effects) stochastic
________ effects are predictable (skin erythema) and have no safe dose below which no effect is observed nonstochastic
Stochastic effects have which dose-response curve linear nonthreshold
nonstochastic effects have which dose-response curve nonlinear threshold
As the linear energy transfer of radiation increases, the radiation's ability to produce biologic damage increases
The most radioresistant type of cell nerve cells
The greatest effect of irradiation will be observed if a large quantity of radiation is delivered in a short time to the whole body
___________ grid ratios are often used in mobile imaging because they offer more positioning latitude 5:1 & 6:1
General radiographic fixed equipment generally has a ____________ grid 10:1 or 12:1
The consistency in exposure output during repeated exposures at a particular setting reproducibility
If 100 and 200 mA are used and the exposure time is kept constant, the 200 mA station should produce twice the exposure rate of the 100 mA station. This is an example of linearity
Annual occupational dose-equivalent limit is __ rem/yr 5
The gestational dose limit to the fetus must not exceed 0.5 rem
All fluoroscopic equipment must provide at least __ inch between the source and the patient 12
A student under the age of 18 years must not receive an annual dose of more than 0.1 rem
The monthly fetal dose must not exceed 0.05 rem
Created by: rgrieger