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Ch 24-26

ch 24-26

Himalaya Mountains towering peaks
Subcontinent a large land mass that is smaller than a continent
Alluvial Plains lands that are rich farmlamds.
Archipelago island group
Atoll island
Monsoon seasonal winds
Cyclone violent form
Hinduism the religon of most indians.
Gnages River important water source
Storm surges swap low-lying areas
Estuary arm of the sea
Mica a key component in electrical equipment
Estuary a broadened seaward end of a river, where the river's currents meet the ocean's tides
Indus Valley Civilizaton
Partition division of british India
Kashmir territory
Microcredit economic development
Entrepreneurs people eho start and build a business
Ramadan a month-long period of fasting from sunrise to sunset
Constitutional kingdoms in which rulers powers are limited
Sherpas people from the high himalayas
Siddhartha Gauutama known as buddha
Mandalas geometric desgins that are symbols
Sinhalese people from the northern plains
Tamils group of infians
Sultan six dynasties of muslim rulers
Basic Necessities food, clothing, and shelter.
Illiteracy inability to read or write
Summer Monsoon wind system that blows from the southwest across the Indian Ocean
Winter Monsoon wind syste that blows from the northeast across the himalayas.
Mughal Empire the muslim emprie
Raj direct british control
Nonviolent resistance protest movement that does not use violence
Land reform more balances distribution of land among farners.
Sikhism a monotheistic religon
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