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Sign of the beaver2

sign of the beaver vocabulary test 2

clamor 1. A loud and continuous noise, especially a loud protest or outcry. 2. To make a clamor.
comradeship 1. A close companion or friend. 2. A person who shares one's occupation or interests.
despised To look on with contempt; to dislike and scorn
floundered^1 1. To struggle clumsily; move awkwardly, as through mud or snow. 2. To struggle in speech or action as if confused.
floundered^2 A flatfish valued as food.
grave^1 1. Of great importance; weighty. 2. adj. Filled with or showing danger. 3. Solemn and dignified; sober; heavy. 4. A grave accent.
grave^2 1. A burial place for a dead body, usually a hole in the ground. 2. Any final resting place. 3. Death.
grave^3 1. To make by carving; sculpture. 2. To engrave or inscribe.
intricately 1. Complicated or involved2. Requiring close attention to follow or understand.
lustrous Having a luster or gleam; glossy; shiny.
persisted 1. To continue firmly or stubbornly in spite of opposition, warning, or difficulty. 2. To be insistent, as in saying something or asking a question. 3. To continue to exist; endure.
pewter 1. A gray alloy of tin and other metals, chiefly lead and copper. It is used for pitchers, plates, and other tableware. 2. Articles made of pewter. 3. Dull gray.
poised 1. To balance or hold in balance. 2. Balance or equilibrium. 3. Ease of manner; self-possession.
prowess 1. Strength and courage, especially in battle. 2. Great skill or ability.
reproach 1. To blame for some wrong. 2. Blame. 3. Disgrace. 4. A cause of disgrace.
soberly 1. Not drunk or intoxicated. 2. Serious, calm, thoughtful, and well-balanced. 3. Solemn; grave. 4. Modest and quiet, as in color or manner of dress. 5. To make or become sober.
spunky Full of courage; spirited.
trenchers A wooden platter for serving food.
typhus An acute, contagious disease caused by a germ carried by certain body lice or fleas. It is marked by high fever, skin eruptions, and extreme physical weakness.
unhampered Not to interfere with the movements of; hinder; obstruct.
fragile Easily shattered or broken; delicate.
accuracy Freedom from all errors or mistakes; exactness; precision.
Created by: NekoNinja2461