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McCormack -Chem Reac

Chemical Reactions

Is 2 H2 + O2 = 2 H2O a Synthesis or Decomposition reaction? Synthesis
What type of reaction is CH4 + 2 O2 = CO2 + 2 H2O ? Combustion (double replacement)
What type of reaction is 2 H2O2 = 2 H2O + O2 ? Decomposition
What type of reaction is 2 KBr + Cl2 2 KCl + Br2 ? Single replacement
What type of reaction is AgNO3 + NaCl = AgCl +NaNO3 ? Double replacement
Is Na + and O 2- a Covalent or Ionic bond ? Ionic
What chemical formula will Na + and O 2- form? Na2O
Name the compound K2O Potassium Oxide
Balance the this formula ___ H2 + ____ O2 = ____ H2O 2 H2 + 1 O2 = 2 H2O
What type of reaction is 2 H2 + 1 O2 = 2 H2O Synthesis
Balanced Chem formulas demonstrate what law? Law of Conservation of Matter
Conservation of Matter says? Matter can neither be created nor destroyed
Carbon-14 turns into Nitrogen-14 by Gaining a Proton
The substances that are at the start of a reactions are Reactants
The substances that are new in a reaction are Products
Two nonmetals like C & H will form a _____________ bond Covalent bond
Carbon will _________ valence electrons with Hydrogen to form Covalent bonds Share
Carbon-14 becomes Nitrogen-14 when a ______ turns into a __________ a neutron turns into a proton
How many valence electrons does Magnesium transfer to oxygen? 2 valence elctrons
Write the chemical formula for magnesium and chlorine using oxidation numbers Mg Cl2
What proper chemical name is H2O dihydrogen monoxide
Write the chemical formula for Carbon tetrahydride CH4
What is Calcium's oxidation number? 2+
What is Fluorine's oxidation number? 1-
What is the chemical formula for Calcium Fluoride? Ca F2
What kind of bond is Ca & F Ionic
An Acid will react with a base and ____________each other neutralize
The Number in front of a chemical formula like 3 H20 is the Coefficient
The small number to the right and below the element like H2 is Subscript
Covalent Bonds will ________ valence electrons Share
Ionic Bonds will __________ valence electrons Transfer
Metals tend to be ______________ and form Ionic Bonds Positive
Nonmetals tend to be ___________ and form Covalent Bonds Negative
Positive and Negative charged particles will __________ each other Attract
Water (H2O) is a polar molecule so water molecule _________ each other. Attract
Created by: fmccormack