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Chapter 9- The West

land & climate, economy & resources

What are the 3 main landforms of the West? mountains, deserts, valleys
How were the Rocky Mountains formed? Tectonic plates pushed against each other, causing the earth's crust to fold.
How were the Cascade Mountains formed? Melted rock, or lava, bubbled up from openings in the earth's crust and hardened.
Name 2 things that created valleys and basins. glaciers and rivers
What created the Grand Canyon? the Colorado River
Irrigation supplying land with water
How do people in the West use water carefully? hydroelectric power- electricity produced from flowing water
3 factors that affect temperature elevation, latitude, the ocean
Why does the plant life in the West vary throughout the region? The climate varies throughout the region, so the plant life varies as well.
Examples of crops in the West *Be able to name 3* pineapples, avocados, peas, apples, oranges
How do the people of the West use the huge forests to create jobs? People use trees for wood and paper. Workers cut lumber in sawmills. Other workers make buildings and other products from the wood.
What industries are available because of the location near the ocean? fishing, tourism (boating, swimming)
What industries are located in the West because of the nice climate? movies, aircraft industry, tourism
National park an area of land set aside by the federal government
Example of a national park *Be able to name 1 national park found in the West* Rocky Mountain National Park/ Grand Canyon National Park/ Yosemite National Park
Name 2 places in the West known for the computer industry Seattle and Silicone Valley
Specialization a business makes only a few goods or provides just one service
Skilled worker someone who has received special training or education
Created by: rhealy