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Vocab 1 -Tangerine

Vocab for pages 1 - 77

Recede to become more distant
torque a force that causes rotation
jittery nervous or unrelaxed
perimeter the outline of a closed figure
inherit to receive something from the previous owner
wilt to become limp because of a lack of water, food, etc.
raspy hoarse
solemnly formal and dignified
singed burned or scorched
colossal a huge amount of something
rigid frozen in one position or unable to move
eligible having a right to do something
obituary a brief biography of someone who has died
pendulum something that swings back and forth
prowl move around stealthily
affliction something that causes pain or problems
vandalized to purposefully damage or destroy something
affidavits a written statement confirmed by a majority to be used as evidence at court
disintegrating to break into small parts (from impact or decay)
dispatched going to a destination or for a purpose
convoy a group of vehicles traveling together (normally medical, protection or warship)
cavern a cave or chamber
condemned a complete disapproval
premature occurring or done before the usual time (normally too early)
ominously a given impression that something bad or unpleasant is going to happen
Created by: mgoulder
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