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RADT465 RadProtectio

ARRT registry review covering Radiation Protection

linear responses are those where the response is____ proportional to the dose received directly
refers to the dose below which no harmful effects are likely to occur threshold
effects that occur randomly and are all or nothing responses stochastic
photoelectric effect produces___ scale contrast short
what scatter is responsible for radiation fog on an image compton
carcinogenesis, cataractogenesis, and embryologic effects are all examples of late effects
the effect that has a threshold and is nonlinear nonstochastic
the effect that is linear and has no threshold stochastic
product of the absorbed dose and its radiation weighting factor equivalent dose
the rate at which radiation deposits energy as it passes through tissue LET
prodromal stage symptoms occur ___ following exposure one hour to two days
speed of light formula frequency X wavelength
types of beam restrictors aperture diaphragm, cone/cylinder, collimator
gonadal shielding is used when the gonads are with in __ of the collimated filed 5 cm.
table top intensity of fluoro beam must be fewer than 10 R/min
guidelines for reducing radiographic exposure time, distance, shielding
lead walls and doors are ___ barriers primary
Kinetic energy released in matter kerma
TLD are made of crystaline chips of lithium fluoride
Rad is measured in gray
rem is measured in sivert
the distance between two consecutive wave crests wavelength
frequency is measured in Hertz
photoelectric effect is more likely to occur in absorbers having high atomic number
what personal monitoring device uses an aluminum oxide detector OSLD
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