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RADT 465 Rad Protect

ARRT Review: Radiation Protection

Bremsstrahlung radiation comprises what percentage of the x-ray beam? 70-90% Lange PREP pg. 227
What type of radiation is created by slowing down of electrons? Bremsstrahlung Lange PREP pg. 227
What type of radiation is created by the loss of electrons? Characteristic Lange PREP pg. 227
What is the relationship between wavelength and frequency? Inverse Lange PREP pg. 229
What is the dose response term for no safe dose? Non-threshold Lange PREP pg. 231
We are more concerned with early affects of ionizing radiation? T/F False Lange PREP pg. 233
What is the most sensitive cell in the body? Lymphocyte Lange PREP pg. 237
ALARA? As Low As Reasonably Achievable Lange PREP pg. 236
Four stages of Acute Radiation Syndrome? Prodromal, Latent, Manifest and Recovery or Death Lange PREP pg. 241
Ionizing radiation to a fetus the most dangerous late in pregnancy? T/F False Lange PREP pg. 242
When should children be shielded? Whenever possible Lange PREP pg. 242
It easier to shield female patients based off of the anatomic position of reproductive organs? T/F False Lange PREP pg. 242
Three types of beam restrictors? Aperture diaphragm, cone/cylinder and collimator Lange PREP pg. 251
The most important way to reduce patient dose? Beam restriction Lange PREP pg. 252
Beam restriction improves image detail by reducing? Scatter Lange PREP pg. 252
Low mAs and high kV factors will decrease patient dose? T/F True Lange PREP pg. 254
Three types of gonadal shields? Flat contact, shadow and contour contact Lange PREP pg. 258
Two types of AECs? Ionization chamber and photo-timer Lange PREP pg. 260
Fluoroscopy generally delivers a higher patient dose due to ____? Decrease in source-to-skin distance Lange PREP pg. 262
Three cardinal principles of radiation protection? Time, distance and shielding Lange PREP pg. 271
Secondary barriers protect from ______ radiation? Scatter Lange PREP pg. 272
If a technologist becomes pregnant she must quit or take a temporary leave of absence? T/F False Lange PREP pg. 275
Two areas a technologist is exposed to the most ionizing radiation? Fluoroscopy and mobile radiography Lange PREP pg. 275
Measures ionization in air? Roentgen Lange PREP pg. 281
Amount of energy deposited per unit mass? Rad Lange PREP pg. 282
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