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Gr.7 Geo Test

What is weather? Weather is short-term conditions of wind, temperature, and precipitation for the day or week
What is climate? Climate is long term conditions and patterns of air, temperature, and precipitation for a long period of time.
What is the difference between weather and climate? Weather is short term and climate is long term.
How can climate influence what we eat? If the climate is very hot than we might experience a drought that can affect what we eat because if there is no water than we can't grow crops because you need to water to grow crops.
How can climate influence what we wear? Climate can influence what we wear because if the climate is hot than we will want to wear cooler clothes because that type of clothes can cool you down.
How can climate influence how we build shelter? In hotter climates, certain building materials can expand from the heat, so buildings need to be made to accommodate these extreme temperatures.
Define climate change. Climate change is a change in weather patterns that is caused by human actions or nature's events.-Conditions will be different depending on location-.
Define global warming. Global warming is an increase in the world’s average temperatures near the earth’s surface.
Explain how a rise in average global temperature can affect food. If the climate keeps rising than humans may experience more heat waves and drought, which can result in less crops.
Explain how a rise in average global temperature can affect water. If glaciers melt because of the warmer temperatures than that will make less fresh water available and ocean levels to rise which can cause floods to coastal cities.
Explain how a rise in average global temperature can affect the natural environment. If the temperature keeps rising than coral reefs can be damaged and species can become extinct because they may not be used to the warmer temperatures.
Explain why climate change doesn't affect everyone in the same way, using Africa and Canada as examples. Part 1 Temperature became warmer in Africa and Canada,Africa would be more affected.If there was a drought because of climate change Africa would suffer more because Canada has a large amount of freshwater, and Africa does not have as much.
Explain why climate change doesn't affect everyone in the same way, using Africa and Canada as examples. Part 2 If a disease occurred because of climate change Canada would be able to treat it better than Africa because Canada has better medical care and more money that can be put to a cure for the disease.
Explain how climate change has affected the lives of people living in Australia. Making them control how much water they use because of the drought.Getting less rain so less crops are harvested. Farmers along the Murray river could not water all their crops because of the short supply of water, they could lose there jobs.
How is Australia’s coal use related to rising temperatures and changes in rainfall? The coal releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere so it has made the climate more warm and made it so that there is less moisture and precipitation.
What is the goal of Australia’s Clean Energy Future plan? What are two main features of the plan? Put taxes on the 500 biggest polluters in Australia so they pay for how much carbon dioxide they release into the air. Solar city program so that houses and businesses use energy more wisely.
What are the three main ways we describe weather? Temperature, Precipitation and Wind condition
What are the 5 parts of the Global Climate System? Earth's surface, The atmosphere, All the water on Earth, All the ice on Earth and All the life on Earth
What powers the climate on Earth? The sun's energy interact with these parts to create climates around the world.
What are the two main pieces of data on a climate graph? Temperature and Precipitation
How do you calculate average annual temperature? First you need to know all the average monthly temperatures. Then you add all of the average monthly temperatures for a year and divide by 12 to get the temperature range
How do you determine the temperature range? First you need all the annual average monthly temperatures. Then you determine the highest temperature and the lowest temperature. Lastly you subtract the highest temperature to the lowest temperature
How do you determine the total annual precipitation? First you need to know all the average monthly precipitation. Then you add them all up to get your total annual precipitation.
How do you determine the precipitation pattern? It depends on the precipitation and temperature of the weather. When the perspiration is the highest, look at the temperature.
What are the first 5 world climate regions? Tropical (hot and with rain all year).Savannah (hot with a dry season).Steppe (warm and dry).Desert (hot and very dry).Mild (hot and wet).
What are the last 4 world climate regions? Continental (dry with cold winter).Subarctic (very cold winter).Polar (cold and dry).Mountainous (altitude affects climate).
What are Climate Factors? Which ones are global and which are local? Latitude,Ocean currents,Winds,Elevation,Relief and Nearness to Bodies of Water. LOW are global ERN are local.
Define prevailing wind. Prevailing Winds: The usual or common winds for a particular place.
Define trade winds. Trade Winds: Winds that blow steadily toward the equator from the north-east in the northern hemisphere or the south-east in the southern hemisphere.
Which hemisphere contains more land, Northern or Southern? How does that affect wind? The northern hemisphere has way more land than the Southern hemisphere. Land heats up more quickly than water, so the wind that is blowing over the land can be warmer or colder (to extremes) in the Northern Hemisphere than the Southern hemisphere.
Define air mass. Air Mass: A large volume of air with similar conditions of temperature and moisture throughout.
How do air masses affect different areas in North America? Middle of North America is dry because the air masses are moving over land instead of water,they don’t pick up as much moisture.Air masses that have a large body of water near them tend to be moist because the air masses pick up water that is evaporating.
Explain how elevation affects the climate. At higher elevation,the air is drier,there isn't enough air pressure to keep the moisture in,causes precipitation to form at lower elevations.Also higher elevation air that is forced up will cool down,causes temperatures in mountainous areas to drop.
Explain how relief affects precipitation. It can force air up over higher pieces of land.This causes relief precipitation on the windward slope.At higher points along the mountain,the air drops the precipitation,and can cause water to form on the peaks of mountains in the form of snow.
How does living near bodies of water affect the climate? The land heats up more quickly and cools down more quickly.Provides moisture for nearby land.Water evaporates from water bodies into the air.Places near large bodies of water experience more precipitation.
How can volcanoes cause climate change? When volcanoes erupt huge amount of dust and ash is released into the air which can stay there for months and even years than reflect the Sun's solar energy back into space which reduces the amount of heat entering Earth's climate system
How can the Sun’s activity affect climate? Sometimes the sun has active periods which it gives off more energy than usual and there are proof of these events because in a cycle of 11 years the active period corresponds with warming trends.
How can the tilt of the Earth affect climate? When part of the Earth is tilted away from the sun than that part will receive less energy from the sun unlike a part that is tilted towards the sun which will receive more energy than others.
What are three gases that cause the greenhouse effect? Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Ozone
List, in order from greatest to least, six sources of greenhouse gases caused by human activity. Energy production,Transportation, Home businesses,Industry, Agriculture and Waste.
What is the difference between mitigation and adaptation when we take action to fight climate change? Mitigation is when you try to solve the effects of climate change. Adaptation is when you leave the problem and try to live with it.
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