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RAD LAB medterms

Intro to RAD lab medical terminology

Cyanosis Bluish discoloring of skin due to poor oxygen levels
Kyphosis "hunchback" forward rounding of the back
Pilonidal growth of hair in a cyst. (pie-lon-idle)
hyperplasia enlargement of an organ caused by increase cell reproduction
carcinoma cancer in epithelial tissue or lining of organs
Osteoarthritis joint disease that wears down tissue/cartilage at ends of bones
Dyspnea difficult breathing
Histology study of microanatomy of cells
hemoptysis coughing up blood (he-mop-tesis)
diaphoresis sweating- as a symptom
malaise discomfort, ill-feeling, with unknown cause (mah-layz)
interleukin class of proteins produced by WBC for immune response
neoplasm abnormal growth
paracentesis perforation of a cavity/cyst with a hollow needle to remove gas or fluid
lithotripsy treatment to breakup particles so body can pass them.
gait manner of walking
pneumothorax air/gas in chest cavity. usually a collapsed lung
intubation procedure in which a tube is inserted down trachea to open the airway
tachycardia rapid heart-rate
tetany condition marked by muscle spasms (caused by malfunction of the parathyroid glands and a consequent deficiency of calcium)
perineum area between anus and scrotum or vulva
atelectasis partial or complete collapse of lung (at-alec-ta-sis)
pyelonephritis kidney infection. (pie-leno-phritis)
polydipsia abnormal great thirst. (like with diabetics)
mediastinum Middle section of the chest cavity.
crackle sound heard on auscultation, primarily during inhalation. AKA rale (rahl)
ectopic in an abnormal place or position
gastrostomy creation of an artificial external opening into the stomach
trocar sharp instrument used to puncture the wall of a body cavity to withdraw fluid.
empyema pus in a cavity. usually pleural cavity. (emp-i-ema)
arthroplasty surgical procedure to restore a joint
atrophy wasting away of body tissue
hyperemesis severe/prolonged vomiting. (hyper-em-ises)
colonoscopy looking at the inner lining of the large intestine
ascites fluid in peritoneal cavity. (a-site-eez)
thoracentesis procedure to remove fluid from the pleural space
cholelithiasis gallstones. (cola-lith-iasis)
hemmorrhagic Bleeding, abnormal flow of blood
pyrexia abnormal elevated temperature, fever
torticollis Painfully twisted/tilted neck
syndrome medical signs and symptoms that are correlated with each other and often with a specific disease
vasodilation widening of blood vessels
syncope short loss of consciousness, fainting. (sync-o-pee)
varicosity enlarged vessel
asis/osis abnormal condition
emia pertaining to blood
inter between
intra within
oligo few/scanty
ostomy operation to create artificial opening
plegia paralysis/stroke
centesis puncture (to remove fluid)
clasia crushing/breaking up
desis bind
lysis destruction
pexy fix
plasty molding, formation, repair (plastic surgery)
rrhaphy suture
tome instrument to cut
tomy cutting, to cut into
tripsy to crush, surgical crushing
chole bile, gall
procto anus/rectum
tid 3 times a day
every 2 hours? q2h
po by mouth
prn as needed
four times a day qid
without s
os in the left eye
and et
drop (s) gtts
in the right eye od
at bed time hs
gram ggm
after meals pc
before meals ac
with c
Created by: Zoest35