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7th grade science

Genes and DNA

Which of the following is encoded in your DNA? your eye color
What type of living organisms have no genetic material at all? all living organisms have genetic material
DNA is the material that makes up_______________. Genes
DNA carries ________________ information that is copied in each new cell. coded
The DNA molecule looks like a _______________ ladder. twisted
The two _______________ of DNA are long strings of nucleotides. halves
The rungs of DNA are _________________________ bases. complimentary
Because each base has a complimentary base, ___________________ can be replicated accurately. DNA
A ___________________________ consists of a sugar, a phosphate, and a base. nucleotide
In the 1950's, a biochemist found that the amount of adenine equals the amount of thymine and that the amount of guanine always equals the amount of cytosine. These findings are referred to as_______________ _______. Chargraff's Rules
Rosalind Franklin made images of DNA molecules using a process known as ____________________. X -ray diffraction
After seeing Franklin's x-ray images, ________ _______concluded that DNA must look like a long, twisted ladder. Watson and Crick
The pairing of bases allows the cell to ______________, or make copies of, DNA> replicate
During _____________, a DNA molecule is split down the middle, where the bases meet. replication
What would be the complimentary DNA strand for CTTAGGCTTACCA? GAATCCGAATGGT
If a sample of DNA contained 20% cytosine, what percent of guanine would be in this sample? 20%
Which part isn't a part of a nucleotide? fat
A gene is a set of instructions for assembling a _____________. protein
Every ______________ has DNA in its cells. organism
Cells make tissues, tissues make organs, organs make organ _________, and organ systems make organisms. systems
Which of the following is not a type of mutation? mutigene
What is the function of a ribosome? mRNA is translated into proteins
In our lab, we found that DNA precipitates in ______________. isopropyl alcohol
In our lab, we used soap to break open the ________ ___________. cell membrane
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