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Exam 2 cognitive psy

Chapter 7, Brooklyn college, professor Stan

Elaborative rehearsal When you repat a number and make associations wiith it such as date of birth. - you are more likely to recall it in the future
Maintenance rehearsal When you repeatedly say a number over and over to be able to make a phone call- with out making personal conections to the number - thefore poor recallment-
Levels of processing memory retrieval is affected by encoding procecess - Shallow and deep processing- elaborate vs maintenance
Relationship between imagery and memory creating images for words
Bransford and Johnson’s study
Encoding specificity Enconding with context- you know where victor rojas is , el pueblo and the things bwt it.
State-dependent learning your mood during learning- is the same when retrieving - better outcomes-
Transfer-appropriate processing When the same cognitive task is done during encoding and retival-- Multiple choise exam for example
The standard model of consolidation Proposes that incoming information activates a number of areas in the cortex.
Hippocampus and reconsolidation updating memories
Graded amnesia After an injury to the heard its hard to remember what has happen minutes ,weeks ,years before the injury,more severe for recent memories due to hippocampus and cortex
Research on rats and memory retrieve memories are fragil the can become change or eliminated.
Spacing effect information learn over time ,not on one shot
Highlighting Not effective as taking breaks, testing yourself, and relating things to yourself,
Self-reference effect Memory is better when you are ask to connect it to yourself. Are you shy ? yes? no?
Created by: luzdeluna
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