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Cervical Spine

Gil lecture

What is the function of the discovertebral joint? Converts compression load to radial tension, Balance between mobility & stability
What is the function of the zygapophyseal joint? WEIGHT BEARING (MORE THAN LUMBAR), RESTRICTS ANTERIOR TRANSLATION
50% of cervical rotation occurs at what segment? C1-2
What could loss of lordosis be caused by in the cervical spine? muscle spasm
What is quadrant loading used for? reproduction of facet pain in the cervical spine
What is the distraction test used for? reduction of pain
Distraction test is a prognosticator for what? Traction
Spurling's test is used for reproduction of what kind of pain? Radicular
Lhermitte's sign reproduces what? electrical shock sensation down the spine and or extremities.
In lhermitte's sign, if the sensation is reproduced with extension the cause is likely due to what? Spinal cord compression
In lhermitte's sign, if the sensation is reproduced with flexion the cause is likely due to what? dorsal column pathology
What are the three phases of the spine pathogenesis degenerative cascade? dysfunction, instability, stenotic
Pathology in what cervical joint often causes tension headaches? atlantoaxial(C1-C2)
tenderness of right C4/5 lateral mass/facet, provocation of pain w/ extension & ipsilateral rotation (“quadrant loading sign”) are signs of what? Cervical facet pain
right sub-occipital area tenderness w/ increased pain on right rotation but not w/ extension are signs of what? LATERAL ATLANTOAXIAL OA
loss of lordosis, limited AROM, reproduction of the pain w/ flexion > extension and w/ valsalva test,are often signs of what? CERVICAL DISC INTERNAL DISC DISRUPTION
loss of lordosis, limited AROM, reproduction of the neck and arm pain w/ extension combined w/ rotation (Spurling’s Sign), diminished biceps reflex and sensation are signs of what? Cervical radiculopathy
What are common c-spine pain generators? Facet joint, disc, and root(esp C5-C6 level)
Always evaluate lower extremity reflexes to rule out what? myelopathy
What might be the cause of LMN FINDINGS IN UE’s (ESP. C5-7 LEVELS) & UMN FINDINGS IN LE’s (PATHOLOGICAL REFLEX)? Cervical Spondylitic Myelopathy
Created by: txst spr 2009