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Exam 2 cognitive psy

Chapter 6, Brooklyn college, professor Stan

Long-term memory It is an archive than can collect memories of events and knowledge from a few seconds ago to as far back as we can remenber
Hippocampus role in memory Important to form new long term memories
Primacy effect Able to recall the first items in a list
Recency effect Able to recall the last items in a list
The serial position curve Indicates recalling of items are better at the end and begginging of a list.
Semantic memory encoding- base on meaning
Episodic memory Memory base on past events - long term
Implicit memory We are not aware of. We learn from experience- Procedural memories
Explicit memory Memories we are aware of. Episodic and semantic memories.
Wickens fruit experiement it was design to see how proactive interference ( learning when something previously learn interferes with new learning. It reveal . after counting for 15 seconds how it had gone to ther STM, because they were able to encode the words they were release
Patient H.M The removal of the hippocampus on both sides of the brain; no seizures , however, affected forming new long term memories, short term memory building was unaffected
Patient K.C The damage to the parietal lobe, affected Short term memory , could not recall digits , however had, functioning long term memory- was able to make new LTM
Autobiographical memories Has components of two diferent types of memories, such as Semantic and episodic, - We go to starbucks but we went there before 12 because its hard to get a sit before that- Episode+ facts
Propaganda Effect Facts or events that you have been exposed previously,and as a consequence you might believe they are right -implicit because people might not actually rember- (unconscious)
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