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Chapter 16

What else where you expecting.

Where did the homeland of the Maya stretch to? Southern Mexico to Central America
What was Tikal? A major center city in northern Guatemala.
When were the Olmec building their civilizations? 1200 B.C. to 900 B.C.
Where were the Olmec building their civilizations? Along the Gulf coasts
Archaeologists have identified how many sites? 50
How many feet did the pyramid at Tikal stretch to? 212
What did cities mainly trade? salt, flint, feathers, shells, and honey.
How Many pyramids were dedicated to gods by the Aztecs? 20 or more
How much feet above see level, was the mountain of basin? 7,500ft
What was the Teotihuacan cities most valuable trade item? Obsidian
Who took over after the fall of Teotihuacan? Toltecs
Who were the Toltec and what were they based on? Warlike people and they ventured on conquest.
What was the Gods name that the Toltec's followed and what did he demand? Quetzalcoatl, demanded BLOOD!
What does Teotihuacan mean? City of the Gods.
When did the Aztecs arrive to the valley of Mexico? 1,200 A.D.
What did the valley of Mexico contain? A number of small city-states that survived the collapse of the Toltec rule.
Who where the Mexica? The Aztecs, whom were poor nomadic people from the harsh deserts in northern Mexico.
What where the Mexica, in the personalities, and how did they adjust? Fierce and ambitious, soldiers-for-hire to local rulers.
Who was Auitzilopochtli? The god of the sun and warfare.
Where was Tenochtitlan founded? A small island in Lake Tex coco
What did the Aztecs, Texaco, and the Tlacopon form? Triple Alliance
How many provinces did the triple alliance own? 38
What is a potlatch A ceremonial feast used to display rank and prosperity in some Northwest Coast tribes of Native Americans.
What are Pueblos A village of large apartment-like buildings made of clay and stone, built by the Anasazi and later peoples of the American Southwest.
Who were the Missispians Elating to a Mound Builder culture that flourished in North America between a.d. 800 and 1500.
Created by: AidanMayo
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