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Chapter 17

DHS PS Ch. 17 - Elements and Their Properties (2015/2016)

What are the properties of metals? 1). Conduct heat and electricity 2). Luster-reflect light well 3). Malleable-can be hammered or rolled into sheets 4.)
Describe the Alkali metals: softer and more reactive than other metals, 1 valence e-
What are the properties of Alkali metals? 1). Highly reactive with oxygen and water 2). Combine readily with other elements 3). Have many uses
Describe the Alkaline Earth metals: Not found naturally in elemental form and they have 2 electrons in their outer energy level
Elements found in groups 3-12 that occur often in nature as uncombined elements are called? Transition elements
What is the the Iron triad? Iron, Cobolt, and Nickel
In the Iron triad describe what the iron is used for: main ingredient in steel
What element is used in soap to soften water? Boron
Mixture of a metal compound mixed with clay or rock is called? Ore
When 2 nonmetals combine by sharing electrons is called? covalent bonding
Name the metal element used in photography. Silver
Bromine is the nonmetal that is _____ at room temperature? liquid
Elements in groups 3-12 are called? transition elements
Appearance of solid metals? shiny or solid
Ability to be hammered or rolled into sheets? Malleable
Different forms or molecular shapes of the same element with different properties? allotropes
The group whose members are gaseous and are reactive diatomic molecules? halogens
The type of bond where a "sea of electrons" surrounds positive metal ions. metallic bond
Compared to elements found in Groups 1 & 2, transition elements are? more stable
Elements that conduct electricity under certain conditions? metalloids or semiconductors
Any element with an atomic number greater than that of Uranium (92)is called? transuranium element
What is the main element in the human body? Oxygen
Copper, silver, and gold are known as the? coinage metals
Most chemically active of all elements? Flourine
All synthetic elements are? radioactive
When H reacts with active metals, it forms a chemical bond by? gaining 1 electron
This group has 2 valence electrons? alkaline Earth metals
When metals give up electrons to nonmetals and bond they are called? ionic bonds
2 atoms of the same element in a covalent bond are called? diatomic molecules
What element regulates brain chemicals? Lithium
In a radioactive element, the _____ breaks down and gives off particles and energy? nucleus
What element is used in toothpastes to prevent tooth decay? Flouride
Produces red in fireworks? Strontium
Process of changing directly from a solid to a gas? Sublimation
Metal atom in green molecules of plants? Magnesium
Co, Fe,and Ni are known as the _____. Iron triad
The only metal that liquid at room temperature is? Mercury
When halogens gain e- from metals they form? salts
Gives color to rubies and emeralds? Chromium
Used in airplanes because of its light weight? Aluminum
Radioactive element in Alkali metals? Francium
Allotrope of carbon that is the hardest substance known to man? Diamond
Magnesium produces ______ color in fireworks? White
Radioactive element found in Alkali Earth metals? Radium
Metal found in your bones, statues, and churches? Calcium
Family of elements that contains the most reactive metals? Alkali metals
At room temperature, most metals are? solids
Ability to be drawn into wires? ductile
Semiconductor used in computers? Silicon or Germanium
Makes up 90% of the universe? Hydrogen
Group 18 is called? Noble gases
These rare Earth metals are used to make compounds used in the motion picture industry? Lanthanides
All elements in group 1 have? 1 valence electron
Informal name to the ball-shaped version of Carbon? buckeyball
Synthetic element used in smoke detectors? Americium
An allotrope of Carbon that can be used as a lubricant? graphite
Describe 2 uses for elements found in the Lanthanides: 1). used in the motion picture industry 2). used to produce colors in tv's
Describe 2 uses for elements found in the Actinides: 1). Thorium is used in high-end camera lenses 2). Uranium is used in nuclear reators
Substances that can be hammered or rolled into sheets are? malleable
Name the property that is used to describe the ability of a matter to reflect light. luster
Elements that are shiny and good conductors of electricity are? metals
All of the elements in the actinide series are? radioactive
Why are metals good conductors of electricity? outer-level electrons are weakly held
The only metal that is liquid at room temperature is? mercury
The element that you might find in an airplane, bat, or ladder because it is strong and lightweight is? magnesium
When metal atoms share their outermost electrons with a nonmetal, the metal and nonmetal become? more chemically stable
Each atom of an alkali metal has how many electrons in its outer energy level? 1
Which group of elements in the periodic table is known as the halogens? Group 17
Which 7 elements exists as a diatomic molecule? H, N, F, O, I, Cl, B
What type of compounds form when nonmetals share their electons with other nonmetals? covalent
What element makes up 65% of your body? oxygen
If a halogen gains an electron from a metal, an ionic compound called ______ is formed. salt
Ionic compounds occur when nonmetals gain electrons from metals and become ____ ions. negative
A property describes how nonmetals break when tried to bend. brittle
What is the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust? aluminum
How many electrons does each element in Group 15 have in its outer energy level? 5
How many electrons does each element in Group 14 have in its outer energy level? 4
What has both metallic and nonmetallic properties? metalloids
How many electrons does each element in Group 16 have in its outer energy level? 6
What element was once widely used in paint but is now no longer used because it is known to be toxic? lead
All organic compounds contain the element? carbon
What do we call different forms of the same element? allotropes
Not naturally occuring? synthetic
The process by which solid iodine particles change directly to gas without first becoming a liquid is called? sublimation
Elements that from salts by combining with metals are? halogens
Substances that conduct an electric current only under certain conditions are most likely to be? metalloids
Different forms of the same element that have different properties because of different atom arrangements are called? allotropes
An allotrope of carbon that is hard and is often used in jewelry is? diamond
Hydrogen is grouped with the alkali metals because it? has one electron in its outer energy level
When hydrogen reacts with the active metals, it forms a chemical bond by? gaining one electron
The elements in Groups 3 through 12 of the periodic table are the? transition elements
A family of elements that has two electrons in its outer energy level is the? alkaline earth metals
Metals can be used in wire because they are? ductile
Elements in which the outer electrons are not held tightly and are allowed to be shared among the group of atoms form what type of bonds? metallic
Bromine is the only halogen and nonmetal that is normally _________ at room temperature. liquid
A synthetic element that is used in smoke detectors is? americium
Elements that lie along the stair-step line of the periodic table are? metalloids
A family of elements that contains the most reactive metals is the? alkali metals
Radioactive elements comprise a majority of the? actinides
When metal atoms share their outermost electrons with a nonmetal, the metal and nonmetal become? more chemically stable
Because it is so reactive, which element would you not want to expose to flames? hydrogen
When a metal donates electrons to a nonmetal, what type of bond occurs? ionic
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