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RADT 465

ARRT Registry Review Covering Imaging Procedures

Term that refers to the meaning of bent inward? Varus Pg. 79
Which projection of the elbow demonstrates the coronoid process in profile as well as the ulnar olecranon process with in the humeral olecranon fossa? Medial Oblique Pg. 79
Which gender has a pubic angle that is more than 90 degrees? Female Pg. 79
What position and angle is used to demonstrate the gastroduodenal surface of a barium filled stomach on an average of sthenic patient? A 35- 40 degree RAO Pg. 80
When a patient comes in for a chest x-ray with known emphysema do you increase or decrease your technique factors? Decrease Pg. 81
Known as inflammation of the lungs usually caused by bacteria? Pneumonia Pg. 81
Collection of air or gas in pleural cavity with an accompanying collapse of a lung in known as? Pneumothorax Pg. 81
Excessive fluid between parietal and visceral layers of the pleura? Pleural effusion Pg. 81
Which quadrant is the sigmoid colon located in? LLQ Pg. 81
This bone is not associated with the formation of the ankle mortise. Which bone could that be? Calcaneus Pg. 82
The inner most layer of the digestive tract is termed? Mucosa Pg. 82
Which layer of the digestive tract is the ruga found in? Inner most layer known as the mucosa Pg. 83
Describes upward movement of the foot and toes, decreases the angle between the foot and lower leg? Plantar flexion Pg. 83
This term refers to longitudinal sections or body planes? Oblique Pg. 83
What is the best projection for facial bones? Parietocanthal projection Pg. 83
The posterior oblique projection of the acetabulum (judet method) requires a ____ degree obliquity of the entire MSP? 45 Pg. 83
Define the breakdown of pars interarticularis? Spondylolysis Pg. 84
What is the term for inflammation of one or more vertebrae? Spondylitis Pg. 84
Refers to degenerative changes occurring in the vertebra? Spondylosis Pg. 84
Which term is used to describe direction of misalignment of bones? Angulation Pg. 85
Refers to a wrenching articulation with ligament injury? Sprain Pg. 85
Another term for dislocation? Luxation Pg. 85
Small amounts of fluid with in the peritoneal or pleural space is best demonstrated with the affected side up or down? Down Pg. 85
For an AP knee on a patient whose measurements from ASIS to table top is 19 cm. The CR should be directed which way? 3-5 degrees caudad Pg. 85
For an AP knee on a patient whose measurement from ASIS to table top is 24 cm. The CR should be directed which way? 3-5 degrees cephalad Pg. 85
For a PA oblique position for a scapular Y projection, the patient’s midcoronal plane should be angled approximately _____ degrees to the IR. 60 Pg. 87
Internal ridge located at the bifurcation of the trachea into tight and left primary or main stem bronchi? Carina Pg. 87
A flap of elastic cartilage that functions to prevent fluids or solids from entering the respiratory tract during swallowing? Epiglottis Pg. 87
Which level is the root of the left lung located? Level T6 Pg. 87
Which level is the root of the right lung located at? Level T5 Pg. 87
This fracture is one in which the bone is broken or splintered into pieces? Comminuted fracture Pg. 89
This fracture is a greenstick fracture with one cortex buckled and the other intact? Torus Pg. 89
This fracture is an open fracture in which the fractured ends have perforated the skin? Compound fracture Pg. 89
The pars interarticularis is demonstrated by what part of the Scotty dog seen on an oblique lumbar spine? Neck pg. 95
This type of ileus is caused by some sort of physical obstruction such as a tumor or adhesion? Mechanical ileus Pg. 98
Telescoping of one part of the intestinal tract to another is known as? Intussusception Pg. 108
Chronic granulomatous inflammatory disorder that can affect any part of the GI tract but generally involves the area of the terminal ileum in known as? (Also known as Crohns disease) Regional enteritis Pg. 108
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