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PTCB practice#3


Which of the following medications is a Schedule IV Controlled Substance?a)Xanax.b)Lomotil.c)Tylox.d)Tylenol#4 a)Xanax
Which of the following Diagnostic Kits tests for glucose in the urine?a)Glucostix.b)Chemstrip BG.c)Clinistix.d)Chemstrip K. c)Clinistix
What is the storage requirement for the drug Neupogen?a)room temperature.b)cool temperature.c)refrigerate.d)freeze. c)refrigerate
The five schedules of controlled substances were established on the basis of:a)afficacy.b)abuse potential.c)medical use.d)all of the above. b)abuse potential (the 2nd best answer is c)medical use)
Which of the following medications would be prescribed to treat a bacterial infection?a)acyclovir.b)loperamide.c)valproic acid.d)metronidazole. d)metronidazole
The purchasing of drugs directly from the manufacturer requires:a)a minimum order set by the manufacturer.b)that you dispense only their brand named medications.c)that you do not purchase the drug from a wholesaler.d)none of the above. a)a minimum order set by the manufacturer
To prepare sterile products, the laminar flow hood should be running for a minimum of:a)15 minutes.b)30 minutes.c)45 minutes.d)60 minutes. b)30 minutes
A "Capital Expense" includes the following except:a)payroll.b)shelving.c)fixtures.d)computer hardware. a)payroll
Federal law requires that all controlled substances dispensed bear the following statement on the dispensing label? Federal law prohibits that transfer of this drug to another person.
Which of the following drugs is prescribed for the relief of allergy symptoms?a)pseudoephedrine.b)phenylephrine.c)antihistamines.d)all the above. c)antihistamines
Needles used to prepare sterile IV solutions should be disposed in:a)biohazardous waste.b)regular waste.c)plastic bags.d)Sharp's Container. d)Sharp's Container.
The term "buccal" refers to the dosage form in which the drug is administered:a)sublingually.b)in the buttocks.c)in the cheek area.d)behind the ear. c)in the cheek area
A 3:1 TPN refers to:a)3 parts lipid to one part dextrose.b)lipids, dextrose and amino acida all in one bag.c)3 parts amino acid to one part lipid. b)lipids, dextrose and amino acida all in one bag
If a prescription is written for the Anaprox DS, which medication should be dispensed?a)naproxen 220mg.b)naproxen 440mg.c)naproxen 500mg.d)naproxen 550mg. d)naproxen 550mg
Which of the following drugs is a proton pump inhibitor?a)famotidine.b)misoprostol.c)lansoprazole.d)ranitidine. c)lansoprazole
Generic Percodan contains:a)oxycodone and ASA.b)oxycodone and APAP.c)hydrocodone and ASA.d)hydrocodone and APAP. a)oxycodone and ASA
If a drug is acquired for $30 and sold for $35, what is the % markup?a)8%.b)10%.c)12%.d)16% d)16%
The pharmacy refrigerator must be maintained at which of the following temperatures?a)15-30 degrees F.b)36-46 degrees F.c)46-59 degrees F.d)59-86 degrees F. b)36-46 degrees F
The diagnosis CHF refers to disease state involving which organ?a)liver.b)kidney.c)skin.d)heart. d)heart
What dosage forms are commercially available for the drug Flagyl?a)tablets only.b)tablets and suspension.c)tablets and IV.d)tablets, suspension and IV. d)tablets, suspension and IV
Which auxiliary label should be affixed to a Rx for tetracycline?a)Take with Food.b)Don't Take with Dairy of Iron Products.c)Take with Milk.d)For External Use Only. b)Don't Take with Dairy of Iron Products
What is the correct method for reconstituting Ampicillin Suspension 125mg/5ml? Shake powder to loosen, then add contents in divided portions.
If a patient with hypertension asks the technician which cold remedy they recommend, the technician should: ask the patient to wait to be counselled by the pharmacist.
An ranking in the Orange Book indicates:a)that two drugs are bioequivalent.b)that two drugs are in the same classification.c)that two drugs are therapeutic equivalents.d)that two drugs are therapeutic inequivalents. c)that two drugs are therapeutic equivalents
If a drug product expires 12/00, the drug expires:a)on the first day of the month.b)on the last day of the month.c)any time during the month.d)on the 15th of the month. b)on the last day of the month.
The phone number of a drug company would most likely be found in:a)Facts and Comparisons.b)USP-DI.c)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences.d)Drug Topics "Red Book". d)Drug Topics "Red Book"
PCA pumps are used to administer which of the following medications?a)analgesics.b)chemotherapuetic agents.c)IV antibiotics.d)insulin. a)analgesics
A Drug recall that results in death is considered a:a)Class I Recall.b)Class II Recall.c)Class A Recall.d)Class B Recall. a)Class I Recall
In which therapeutic class does the drug prochlorperazine belong?a)antihypertensive.b)anibacterial.c)antiviral.d)antiemetic. d)antiemetic
"Net Profit" refers to:a)cash on hand.b)cash after expenses.c)cash prior to expenses.d)zero profit. b)cash after expenses
If a hazardous material is spilled, the technician should: clean the spill with a "Spill Kit".
The size of the lumen of a needle is referred to as the:a)gauge.b)length.c)bevel tip.d)bevel heel. a)gauge
In 1970, which piece of legislation was enacted?a)Hazardous Substance Act.b)Occupational and Health Act.c)Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act.d)Controlled Substance Act. d)Controlled Substance Act
How often a federal inventory required for controlled substnces?a)yearly.b)every two years.c)every three years.d)only when the feds ask. b)every two years
A "HEPA FILTER" refers to: the filter used in a laminar flow hood.
Which of the following vitamins has antihemorrhagic properties?a)vitamin A.b)vitamin C.c)vitamin K.d)vitamin B b)vitamin C
Which of the following drugs is available as a patch?a)nitroglicerin.b)scopolamine.c)fentanyl.d)all the above. d)all the above
Which of the following drugs is a quinolone antibiotic?a)ciprofloxacin.b)tertacycline.c)penicillin.d)erythromycin. a)ciprofloxacin
A "Univeral Claim Form" is used for:a)insurance fraud.b)insurance billing.c)insurance policies.d)insurance theft. b)insurance billing
Whch of the following drugs is a "NSAID":a)acetaminophen.b)aspirin.c)ibuprofen.d)codeine. c)ibuprofen
Which drug must be mixed and stored in glass containers?a)NTG.b)nitrofurantoin.c)minoxidil.d)clindamycin. a)NTG
what agent should be used to induce emesis?a)Compazine suppositories.b)Tigan suppositories.c)Syrup of Ipecac.d)dilute HCI. c)Syrup of Ipecac
The trade name for glyburide is:a)Diabinese.b)Glucophage.c)Glucotrol.d)DiaBeta. d)DiaBeta
An "IDC-9' code refers to:a)diagnosis.b)drug strength.c)mnufacturer.d)wholesaler. a)diagnosis
Which type of insulin may be added to an IV solution?a)NPH.b)Lente.c)SemiLente.d)Regular. d)Regular
The generic name for Pamelor is:a)amitriptyline.b)nortriptyline.c)imipramine.d)sertraline. b)nortriptyline
If the dirctions read "ii gtts ad" the drug should be administered: in the right ear
Where should Domeboro tablets be stored?a)with the internal products.b)in the refrigerator.c)with the external products.d)with the vaginal preparations. c)with the external products
Which of the following drugs can be administered via aerosol?a)pentamidine.b)chloroquine.c)fluconazole.d)miconazole. a)pentamidine
The prefix "neuro" refers to:a)the head.b)the brain.c)a nerve.d)the spine. b)the brain
Theft of a CII drug from the dispensing area of a pharmacy would require notification to:a)DEA and State Board of Pharmacy.b)DEA and local police authority.c)DEA and FDA.d)DEA only. b)DEA and local police authority
What is the official storage requirement for MS concentrate or oral soution?a)cold place.b)cool place.c)room temperature.d)freezer. c)room temperature
Federal statute requires the exact count of which medications?a)Ritalin and Percodan.b)Ritalin and Vicodin.c)Ritalin and Valium.d)Ritalin and Darvon. a)Ritalin and Percodan
"Grinding" of a substance into a fine powder is referred to as:a)geometric dilution.b)levigation.c)micturation.d)trituration. d)trituration
Where should the pharmacy technician check for a possible incompatibility of two IV additives?a)American Drug Index.b)Trissel's-Handbook of Injectable Drugs.c)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences.d)PDR. b)Trissel's-Handbook of Injectable Drugs
Where should the pharmacy technician check for a possible incompatibility of two IV additives?a)American Drug Index.b)Trissel's-Handbook of Injectable Drugs.c)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences.d)PDR. b)Trissel's-Handbook of Injectable Drugs
The generic name for "Persantine" is:a)alprostadil.b)dipyridamole.c)arbutamine.d)pentoxifylline. b)dipyridamole
DEA FORM 222 is required for the purchase of:a)Tylenol/codeine.b)Vicodin.c)Xanax.d)Tylox. d)Tylox
Cimetidine and Ranitidine are examples of:a)beta blockers.b)NSAIDS.c)H2 agonists.d)H2 antagonists. d)H2 antagonists
Morphine would be classified as:a)a glycoside.b)a benzodiazepine.c)an opiate.d)a quinolone. c)an opiate
Proof of receipt of a C-IV controlled substance is:a)DEA Form 222.b)wholesalers invoice.d)narcotic inventory record.d)end of day report. b)wholesalers invoice
What type of syringe should be used in the preparation of a cytotoxic drug?a)glass.b)plastic.c)either glass or plastic.d)a special syringe for cytotoxic use only. c)either glass or plastic
Gowns for preparation of hazardous materials close in the:a)back.b)front.c)side.d)top. a)back
A special spill kit would be required for which of the following drugs?a)zidovudine.b)famciclovir.c)amphotericin B.d)dactinomycin. d)dactinomycin
Which of the following medications may cause heart palpitations?a)Nolvadex ID.b)Claritin D.c)Delta D.d)Ascriptin A/D. b)Claritin D
On indication for the use of Ritalin is:a)mania.b)hyperkinesis.c)sleep disorders.d)hepatitis C. b)hyperkinesis
On indication for the use of Ritalin is:a)mania.b)hyperkinesis.c)sleep disorders.d)hepatitis C. b)hyperkinesis
A nosocomial infection is an infection classically acquired in a:a)outpatient clinic.b)college dorm.c)pet shop.d)hospital. d)hospital
When federal an state law conflict, which law applies?a)state law.b)federal law.c)the more stringent law.d)the more lenient law. b)federal law
The CDC regulates:a)dispensing of controlled substances.b)disease control and prevention.c)safety in the workplace.d)drug safety. b)disease control and prevention.
Mitomycin and plicamycin are two agents used to treat:a)cancer.b)bacterial infection.c)viral infection.d)HIV. a)cancer
Which of the following diagnostic testing kits tests for blood glucose?a)Diastix.b)Chemstip UG.c)Ketostix.d)Chemstrip BG. d)Chemstrip BG
How should the pharmacy technician identify a drug product during a drug recall?a)lot#.b)NDC.c)expiration date.d)bottle quantity. a)lot#
Which of the following medications is an antidepressant?a)gabapentin.b)clozapine.c)paroxetine.d)omeprazole. c)paroxetine
If a patient profile lists granisetron and ondansetron as being administered concomitantly, this is an example of: therapeutic duplication
A hazardous drug must be prepared in a:a)vertical laminar flow hood.b)saftey biological cabinet.c)clean room.d)anywhere is acceptable. a)vertical laminar flow hood
Spansules and sequels are dosage forms for which route of drug administration?a)oral.b)rectal.c)sublingual.d)buccal. a)oral
If a patient is allergic to amoxicillin, there may be a cross allergy to which of the following drugs?a)tetracyline.b)erythromycin.c)Ceclor.d)Nebcin. c)Ceclor
If the directions read 'ii gtts ou bid/7d", the medication is administered in: each eye
Which part of the dispensing process must be documented in writing on a daity basis?a)inventory.b)number of prescriptions filled.c)controlled substance log.d)net profit of prescriptions filled. c)controlled substance log
"HEPA" stands for:a)a pharmacy organization.b)a filter used on Laminar Flow Hoods.c)a type of emulsifying agent.d)the legislative act requiring childproof containers. b)a filter used on Laminar Flow Hoods
Under Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, which of the following information is not required on an outpatient dispensing label?a)name and address of the pharmacy.b)date the Rx is filled or refilled.c)name of the prescriber.d)telephone # of the pharmacy. c)name of the prescriber
Hazardous drugs:a)must be stored in a vertical flow hood.b)may be transported uncapped or unsealed.c)may be prepared in a horizontal flow hood.d)must contain a warning label affixed to the product. d)must contain a warning label affixed to the product
Which of the following drugs must be dispensed in its original container?a)Syrup of Ipecac.b)NTG SL.c)Tylenol/codeine Elixir.d)Fosamax tablets. b)NTG SL
If a technician is unsure of who has supervisory authority, the technican should:a)ask the pharmacist on duty.b)consult the organizational chart.c)ask the CEO.d)call the State Board of Pharmacy. b)consult the organizational chart
Which of he following drugs is an H2 antagonist?a)Prevacid.b)Protonix.c)Axid.d)Prilosec. c)Axid
Extemporaneous Compounding refers to:a)those drugs that are repackaged.b)compounding of a drug not commercially available.c)compounding your own recipe for a drug.d)the use of a Class A Prescription Balance. b)compounding of a drug not commercially available
Packing slips or invoices are acceptable as records for the transfer of which class of controlled substances?a)CI,CII,CIII,CIV,CV.b)CI and CII only.c)CII only.d)CIII,CIV,CV only. d)CIII,CIV,CV only
The nurse calls the pharmacy asking for the proper dose of a drug. The pharmacy technician should:a)defer the question to the pharmacist.b)check the dose in the PDR and relay this information to the nurse.c)tell the nurse to ask the prescribing physician. a)defer the question to the pharmacist
The primary function of the P+T Committee is to: ensure that all therapeutic agents used conform to USP-NF standards
Acetaminophen/codeine 15mg is commercially available as:a)Tylenol #1.b)Tylenol #2.c)Tylenol #3.d)Tylenol #4. b)Tylenol #2 (15mg codeine/300mg APAP)
Which of the following drugs requires an exact count for the federal biennial inventory?a)lorazepam.b)propoxyphene.c)meperidine.d)phentermine. c)meperidine
Enteral nutrition is administered:a)IV.b)IM.c)SC.d)GI d)GI
If a pharmacy stock alphabetically by generic name, under which letter would generic Provera be found?a)L.b)M.c)N.d)O b)M (Medroxyprogesterone acetat)
Which of the following drugs may be prepared in a horizontal laminar flow hood?a)dacarbazine.b)vincristine.c)gentamycin.d)etoposide. c)gentamycin
Which drug reference has drugs listed by manufacturer?a)fact and Comparisons.b)Merck Index.c)PDR.d)Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences. c)PDR
Which of the following drugs is not a benzodiazepine?a)Xanax.b)Ambiem.c)Versed.d)Ativan b)Ambiem
Which of the following medications may not be taken togther?a)tetracycline and ASA.b)tetracycline and AlternaGel.c)tetracycline and ranitidine.d)tetracycline and Tylenol. b)tetracycline and AlternaGel(NSAID)
If an investigational drug is discontinued by the physician, what must be done with the remaining drug?a)destroy.b)store with the controlled substances.c)leave to expire and discarded.d)return to the manufacturer. d)return to the manufacturer
The two parts of a needle are:a)the plunger and barrel.b)the core and the gauge.c)the hub and the shaft.d)the hub and plunger. c)the hub and the shaft
An adverse drug reaction should be reported to which of the following agencies?a)FDA.b)DEA.c)ASHA.d)CDC a)FDA
The combination of ethambutol, INH and vitamin B6 would most likely be used to treat:a)diabetes.b)cancer.c)hypertension.d)TB. d)TB (tuberculosis)
The combination of ethambutol, INH and vitamin B6 would most likely be used to treat:a)diabetes.b)cancer.c)hypertension.d)TB. d)TB (tuberculosis)
The combination of ethambutol, INH and vitamin B6 would most likely be used to treat:a)diabetes.b)cancer.c)hypertension.d)TB. d)TB (tuberculosis)
Which of the following drugs is an ACE Inhibitor?a)metoprolol.b)lisinopril.c)diltiazem.d)clonidine. b)lisinopril
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