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World Geogrpahy

Study Guide Chapters 15-16

What is the capital of Germany? Berlin
What was the name of the party that led Germany in WWII and who was their leader? The Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler
What is a ghetto and what group was put in ghettos during WWII by the Germans? A ghetto is a section of a city where a minority group is forced to live and the Jews lived in these
What are the two main religions in Germany and which is the largest? Roman Catholic and Protestant; Protestant is the largest
What is the capital of Austria? Vienna
Who were the Habsburgs and when did they rule? The Habsburgs were a powerful family of German nobles and they ruled in the 1400s
Why is the city of Geneva in Switzerland an important city? World and regional organizations locate their headquarters here and Geneva also hosts many international conferences
What is a canton? Largely self governing states with in a country such as Switzerland
Where did Poland get its name? Poland gets its name from a slavic people called Polanie
Why do the Baltic States have such great environmental problems? Because of the Soviet rule/era
What occupation do most people in Hungary have? Farming
What country did Slovakia and the Czech Republic once belong to and why were they considered complementary regions? Czechslovakia, because they benefited each other
What is an alliance? An agreement between countries to supports one another against enemies
What are two countries of the Iberian Peninsula and what are their capitals? Spain and Portugal, Madrid and Lisbon
Where is the strait of Gibraltar? Between the Iberian Peninsula and Northern Africa
Who are the Moors and what did they bring to Europe? The Moors are Arabic people from Northern Africa and they brought: Islamic religion, new irrigation systems, techniques, etc.
Where is the Vatican City found and why is it important? The heart of Rome and it is an independent country
What is an exclave? An area separated from the rest of a country by the territory of other countries
When was the fall of the Roman Empire? A.D. 400s
Why is the Po Valley important to Italy? It is the breadbasket of Italy
What does the Renaissance mean and who were the four major Renaissance artists? Renaissance means Rebirth; the artists consisted of: Leonardo Da Vinci, Michealangelo, and Raprieal
What countries make up the Balkan Peninsula? Greece, Albania Yugoslavia, Balgaria, Romania, Moldova
What is the capital of Greece? Athens
What is Mount Olympus? Highest peek in Greece
What is a confederation? A group of states joined together for a common purpose
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