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6th - LA Chapter 4

Exploring Mexico and Central America

A reason why many people move from small villages to Mexico City is to... make more money at better jobs
Most of the people in Guatemala are members of which ethnic group? Native American (Mayan)
Most land in Guatemala belongs to... a few rich families
What is a problem that the builders of the Panama Canal faced? diseases like malaria and yellow fever
Mexico City's pollution problem is made worse by its... location in a valley
How could you describe the role of the US in Panama's fight for independence? supportive
Why was it necessary to build locks in the Panama Canal? parts of the canal are at sea level and others are above sea level
One effect of the population increase in Mexico is... an increase in the size of urban areas
How did the Spanish conquest in the 1500s affect many Native Americans? They were enslaved or died from hunger and disease
One obstacle to the building of the Panama Canal was removed when scientists discovered that malaria was carried by... mosquitoes
In crowded Mexican cities, many people become __________ who live on someone else's land without permission. squatters
__________ move from place to place, picking the crops that are in season. migrant farmworkers
Most of the land in Guatemala belongs to the __________, who are mestizos. ladinos
In Guatemala, most of the people are members of one of the 23 different Native American __________ ethnic groups
Many Mayas in Guatemala have started __________ to fight poverty and bring human rights to Mayas. political movements
Meetings, protests, and __________ are all methods that Mayans have used in Guatemala to defend their rights. strikes
The Panama Canal uses a series of __________ and canals to move boats through. locks
The construction of the __________ made it possible to travel from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean without having to travel around South America. Panama Canal
Until 1999, the US controlled a portion of Panama known as the __________ where they built military bases and stationed thousands of soldiers. Canal Zone
Many farmers in Mexico sell their extra crops in the __________ as a way to make money. plaza
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