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Chapter 9 Vocab

Photosynthesis Were an plant uses sunlight and water to make there own food
Autotroph An orgnisims that makes it's own food
Heteroph A organism that cannot make it own food such as the zebra or lion, it is called an consumer
Chlorophyll The main pigment for photosynthesis
Producer Organisms that can make there own food by using Photosynthesis
Consumer an orgnims that relies on feeding off of another consumer to get it's energy
Herbivores consumers that eat only plants
Carnivores Consumer that eat only animals such as wolves, snakes, and walruses
Omnivores consumer that eat both plants and animals such as bears
Scavenger organims that eats meat off of an already eat off of carcus
Decompeser Breaks down dead orgnim sand releases he nuritnets back into the ground
Food Chain One way how too show how energy flows in an ecosystem
Food Web Conists of may over lapping food chians in an ecostyem
Energy Pyramid Shows the amount of energy that flows from one feeding level to another
Evaprotion Were water encporates or turns nto steam
Condesation the procees were gas changes into liquid
precaition when it rains
Nitrogen fixation procees of cahging nitrogen into usable nitrogen
Biome where animals live
climate how warm or cold somthing is
Dersert where sand is everywhere
Rain Forest Where foret see a lot of rain
emergent layer where sunlight can reach up to 70 meters
canopy where the tree tops block he sunlight
understory where plants grow benths trees
Grassland flatlands
savnna recives as munch as taking 12 centmeter of rain an year
Deciduous trees the trees that grow new leaves every year
Boreal forest are desne frorest
coniferous trees there are everygreen trees
tundra where alot of snow is
permafrost the first frost of the year
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