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Physical Science

9 weeks exam

scientists test a hypothesis by doing experiments
a scientific model is a representation of a real event or object
Technology can be defined as applied science
Which of the following is not a branch of biology? geology
Scientific theories can be changed or replaced when new discoveries are made
the main branches of natural science are life, physical, and earth science
Pure Science is defined as the continuing search for new knowledge
the two main branches of science are natural and social science
What does it mean to say that "no experiment is a failure?" All experiments are observations of real events
which instrument has been used to detect the oldest, most distant objects in the solar system? radio telescope
Which question cannot be answered by an experiment? Did a comet impact kill the dinosaurs?
Which SI prefix means one-hundredth (1/100)? centi-
A loaf of bread weighs 1362g. the weight in kilograms is 1.362kg.
The force which gravity pulls on a quantity of matter is referred to as weight
A precise measurement is one that is as exact as possible
Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space
You put 1 gram of salt into 1 liter of water and stir. The resulting liquid is an example of a homogeneous mixture
A material that can be represented by a chemical formula is pure substance
What is an example of a gas-liquid mixture? a carbonated drink
A liquid changes rapidly into a gas at the liquid's boiling point
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