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Which structure releases hormones that regulates secondary sec characteristics ? A)testes B)pituitary glands C) adrenal glands D)a and b E0 a, b , and c E) test,adrenal glands, and pituitary glands
Hormones replacement therapy is controversial because it is associated with increased risk of ? A)osteoporosis B)cardiovascular disease C)beast cancer D)memory loss E)all the above C)breast cancer
which of the following can yield a false-positive home preg. test? A)collectin pee in a wax cup B)using a refri,sample that has been warmed C)diluting the urine D) A AND B E)A,B,C A) using a wax cup
whih agent is used for uncontrolled bleeding at child birth? A)oxytocin(Pitocin) B)norgestrel(ovrette) C)medroxyprogesterone(depro-provera) D)methylergonovine(methergine) D) methylergonovine(methergine)
what is needed for calcium to absorbed into the bone tissue? A)vitamin A B)vitamin B C)vitamin C D)vitamin D D) vitamin D
the specialized cells responsible for producing insulin are located in the ? A)live B)kidney C)pancreas D)gallbladder E)stomach C)pancreas
acute hypoglycemia occurs when? A)plasma glucose is above 600mg/dL of blood B)blood glucose levels two hours after eating are 200-40mg/dL C)fatsing glucose is 80-120 mg/dL of blood D)blood glucose levels fall below 70mg/dL D)blood glucose levels fall below 70mg/dL
Chronic hyperglycemia can lead to nephropathy, which is A)damage to the blood vessels in the eyes B)damage to the nerves C)damage to the kidney D)hardening in the arties especially in the feel and legs B) damage to the kidney
Growth hormones A)increases the rate of protein synthesis B)stimulates the growth of a muscle and connective tissue C)increases the rate of glucose use D)a and b E)a,b,and c D)a and b
who is most likely to benefit from growth hormones(GH) replacement ? A)male, age 10 B)female age,14 C)male in whom epiphyseal closure has occurred D)child with down syndrome A)male age ,10
which of the following is true bout skeletal muscle ? A)voluntarily controlled B)involuntarily controlled C)smooth texture D)cordlike A)voluntarily controlled
what effect of preventing acetylcholine (ach) destruction on skeletal muscle ? A)pain B)neuromuscular anesthesia C)paralysis by fatige D) involuntary muscle contraction C)paralysis b fatigue
which of the following muscle relaxant is a DEA scheduled controlled substance? A)diazepam(valium ) B)dantrolene(dantruim) C)metaxalone(skelaxin) D)baclofen(lioresaal) A)diazepam(valium) C5
What muscle relaxant Is a scheduled substance in many states due to potential for abuse? A)metaxalone(skelaxin) B)Orphenadrine(norflex) C)chlorzoxazone(paraflex) D)carisoprodol(soma) D)carisoprodol(soma)
Which of the following muscle relaxants act as a benzodiazepines receptors? A)dantrolene(dantrium) B)diazepam(Valium) C)methocarbamol(robaxin) D)Orphenadrine (norflex) B)diazepam (Valium)
What substance reduce pain,fever,inflammation? A)synovial B)salicylate C)tophi D)analgesic B)salicylate
What effect of nonnarcotic analgesic most commonly limits their use? A)fever B)allergic reaction C)visceral pain D)water reduction E)gastrointestinal disturbanc E)gastrointestinal disturbance
what is the prototype NSAID? A)acetaminophen(Tylenol) B)ibuprofen(advil,mortin) C)naproxen(aleve,naprosyn) D)aspirin D)aspirin
how do salicylates reduce fever? A) increasing blood flow to the skin and inhibiiting PG synthesis B)decreasing blood flow to skin and inhibiting PF synthesis C)increasing blood flow to hypothalamus D)decreasing blood flow to hypothalamus A)increasing blood flow to the skin and inhibiting PG synthesis
what patient shld not take misoprostol(cytotec) A)young children B)adolescent males C)pregnant women D)senior citizens C)pregnant women
the lethal dose of aspirin for adult is usually over ? A)650 mg B)1 g C)3.5g D)10 g D)10 g
why should aspirin not be given to children? A) salicylism in children B) increases the risk of developing chicken pox in children C)reyes syndrome can develop in children who has been expose to chicken pox D)irreversible bleeding problems in childs C)reyes syndrome can develop in children who has been exposed to chicken pox
what clinical effect or side effect of aspirin is also produced by acetaminophen(Tylenol) A) fever reduction B)GI irritation C)altered platelet adhesion and bleeding D)inflammation reduction A)fever reduction
what is the most serious asverse effect associated with acetaminophen? A)kidney damage B)anaphylaxis C)liver damage D)GI bleeding C)liver damage
in addition to providing primary drug therapy for arthritis, NSAIDs are commonly used to treat? A)heartburn B)diarrhea C)menstrual cramps D)nausea and vomiting E)high blood pressure C)menstrual cramps
which of the following statement is not true about NSAID ? A) act centrally,rather than peripherally B) take longer to reduce fever that other products C)inhibiting PG synthesis in inflamed tissues D)often lead to some type of gastropathy A) NSAIDs act centrally,rather than peripherally
in the near future more NSAIDs are expected? A)to be avaliable by prescription only B)to become controlled substance C)to be sold otc D) to be classified as DMARDs C0 to be sold OTC
which NSAID has an oral liquid form and is suitable for children ? A)naproxen(aleve) B)ibuprofen(advil,mortin) C)mefanmic acid(ponstel) D)etodolac(lodine) E)buffered aspirin(bufferin) B)ibuprofen(advil,motrin)
what NSAIDs is the most used for gouty arthritis ? A)sulfinpyrazone(anturane) B)indomethacin(indocin0 C)allopurinol(zyloprin) D)colchicine B(indomethacin(Indocin)
NSAIDS can interact with whch of the following drug classes? A)antibiotics B)beta adrenergic agonists C)oral hpoglycemics D)antacids C)oral hypoglycemic
which drug is least .likely to produce GI irritationsat analgesic doses? A)naproxen(aleve,anaprox,naprosyn) B)sulindac(clinoriil) C)aspirin D)celecobix(celebrex D)celcoxib(Celebrex)
exsample of DMARDs ? A)adslimumsn(humira) B)anakira(kineret) C)methotrexate(rheumatrex) D)azathioprine(Imuran) E)all the above E)all the above
what is used to treat gouy interferes with leucocytes, reducing their mobility and joint phagocytosis? A)colchicine(colcrys) B)Iindomethacin(Indocin) C)allopurinol(zyloprin) D)sulfnpyrazone(anturance) A)colchicind (colcrys)
purpose of antipyretic? A)relieve pain B)reduce fever C)reducing swelling D)relieve inflammation E)relax muscles B)reduce fever
who should not take mixed analgesic? A)healthcare workers B)alcoholics C)teenagers D)patients allergic to peanuts B)alcoholics
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