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Stack #216679

Michelangelo Saint peters basillica. Sistine Chapel. Loner. Marble David.
Leonardo Mona Lisa. No lines/edges. Invetor and scientist. Interested in flight. The last supper.
Machiavelli Prince. Studied Human Flaws. The perfect prince. Human natire selfish fickle and corrupt. lion and fox.
Petrarch Humanist.Poet. Sonnets to "laura". Letters to friends.
Boccaccio Writer. Realistic stories. Humor. Sarcasm
Castigalione The perfect man. The courtier. Strong, plays tennis, hunts in order to keep from envy.must know how to use weapons incase of combat.
Raphael Madonna+Child. master b age of 17. learned from michelangelo and leonardo. Renaissance man.
Masaccio Founder of renaissance painting. Founder of perspective. light and shadowing. painted human body
Donatello Realistic figures. Sculptor. Bronze david. Contropasto-pose where weight all on one leg.
Titian Color. Began with red canvas for warmth. many layed. good with texture. after wifes death paintings became more sloppy.
Brunelleschi Goldsmith,sculp,math,clock,archit. Architect.
Colonna Woman poet. wrote sonnets to michelangelo. helped publish courtier.
Palladio Books on architecture. Villa Rotonda
Shakespeare Poet, writer.
Botticelli Tip toe golden haired maidens. Birth of Venus. Linear style
El Greco greek. moved to spain.
Bosch Messed imagination. Used half animals/half ppl. Muralistic Paintings.
Erasmus Writer. Made fun of everyday aspectsof life. People should study bible
Rabelais Comic. Giants:Gargantua and Pantagruel. Secular. Live by human instincts not religion.
More Wrote Utopia. Not be greedy. Everything free. take what you need. Point out flaws of present society.
Bruegel Painted peasant life. "hunters in snow"
Van Eyck Oil Painting. Great detail. trained as miniaturist. Portraits. light/shadow
Holbien Portraits. Mixed north and south renaissance. Realism. Standard for Portraits. Linear Patterns.
Durer Plants. Nature. Thought very high of himself. Woodcuts. Printmaking.
Alberti Renaissance man. Theorist. Guide to human proportion
Bramante Simplicity. and harm. proportions.
Renaissance 1300-1600
N Renaissance religious and domestic scenes. Complex and irregular. Lifelike.
Mannerism Long limbs. emotion and imagination. ideal beauty. lubrid colors.
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