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Vocad for Part 2 of "The Most Dangerous Game"

solicitous concerned, caring, attentive or interested
solicitous Ronald was _______ when the manager mentioned the cash prize.
grotesque Ronald backed away from the ______ pile of trash.
channel Ronald sailed his boat through the ______ in hopes of finding new land.
elude Ronald planned to ______ his place of captivity tonight, but he didn't quite plan his escape so carefully.
invariably Ronald ______ sneezes every time he looked at a bright light.
braggart In the eyes of all of his friends, Ronald was such a ______.
repast Thanksgiving is the most common day of the year for Ronald's family to have a big ______.
opiate Ronald is very afraid of planes, so every time he goes on vacation, he takes ______ with him.
ennui Ronald never had anything to do on the plane, he was always full of ______.
futile Ronald bringing his cellphone on the plane was _______. He couldn't text his friends from 30,000 feet in the air.
intricate The pattern on Ronald's shirt was very _______ and detailed and he got many compliments for it.
precariously Ronald _______ turned right out of the airport, but he didn't know what way he was supposed to go.
grotesque repulsively ugly or disgusting
channel an area of water connecting two bodies of water
elude skillful escape, evade
invariably always, in every case
placid Ronald was always _______ under pressure
imperative It was ______ Ronald bring his inhaler everywhere since he had bad asthma
baying Ronald's dog never stops baying.
placid still, calm or not easily disturbed
imperative of vital importance
baying barking or howling loudly
braggart a person that boasts about achievements or possessions
repast a meal, feast or banquet
opiate a drug used to relieve pain and induce calm
ennui boredom, tedium, listlessness
futile useless, pointless
intricate very complicated or detailed
precariously with uncertainty, instability
Created by: 21rockwell



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