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ARMY Study guide


What AR covers Code Of Conduct? AR 350-30
name the 7 step problem solving. identify the problem, identify the facts and assumptions, generate alternatives, analyze the alternatives, compare the alternative, make and excute the decision, asses the results
what FM covers land nav? FM 3-25.26
what FM is 7-0? Training the force.
what FM is 7-1? Battle focus training.
what are the troop leading procedures? receive the mission, issue the warning order, make a tenitve plan, start nessecary movement, reconnotior, complete the plan, issue the complete order, supervise
what AR cover PT? AR 350-1 chapter 1 sec 24
what FM covers NBC? FM 3-11.4
what does METL stand for? Mission, Essential, task list
what does METT-TC? mission, enemy, terrain, troops, time available, and civilian considerations
what DA covers Maintence? DA Pam 750-8
what FM covers Military justice? FM 27-10
what FM cover councelling? FM 6-22 APPDX B
what FM covers PT? FM 21-20
what AR covers weight control? AR 600-9
what FM covers weapons? FM 3-23.25
Name the 5 paragraph op order. situation, mission, execution, service support, command and signal
what FM covers Drill & ceremony? FM 3-21.5
what FM covers Guard Duty? FM 22-6
what AR covers customs & courtesies and drill ceremony? AR 600-25
how many mils are in a degree? 17.7 mils
name the 5 major terrain features. hill, valley, saddle, depression, ridge
the 3 minor features are? draw, spur, cliff
how many levels of MOPP are there 4 starting with 0
MOPP stands for? mission orenated protective posture
Created by: SGTblass