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RADT465 Image Eval.

ARRT registry review covering image acquisition and evaluation content area.

The chief advantages of SF imaging high spatial resolution and uniformity in image appearance
Any combination of mA and time that will produce a given mAs will produce identical receptor exposure reciprocity law
The intensity of light at a particular distance from its source is inversely proportional to the square of the distance inverse square law
As distance is decreased, the intensity of the x-ray beam increases
As kV is ____________, more electrons are driven to the anode with greater speed and energy increased
Responsible for most of the scattered radiation that reaches the IR Compton scatter
The single most important way to reduce the production of scattered radiation collimation
A device that functions to absorb a large percentage of scattered radiation before it reaches the IR grid
The addition of a grid must be accompanied by an ______ in mAs increase
Angulation against the lead strips causes grid cutoff
Lateral decentering against a grid causes uniform loss of exposure
General radiographic fixed equipment usually uses which grid 10:1 or 12:1
Total primary bream filtration 2.5-mm Al
Filtration increases the overall average energy of the beam
Example of destructive conditions osteoporosis, necrosis, emphysema
Example of additive conditions ascites, Paget's, atelectasis
kV affects the ___________ of the x-ray beam quality and quantity
To double or halve the receptor exposure, the kV can be increased or decreased by __% 15%
Used to provide more uniform radiographic density when imaging structures having widely different attenuation coefficients compensating filters
Two-dimensional picture element pixel
the number of bits per pixel and identifies the values of gray bit depth
a graphic representation of pixel value distribution demonstrating the number of pixels and their value histogram
controls the shades of gray window width
controls brightness window level
The ______ the contrast resolution, the better the ability to see similar adjacent gray shades higher
When there are just a few densities, with noticeable difference between them, radiographic contrast is ___ or ______ scale high; short
When there are many shades of densities with only slight difference between them, contrast is ___ or _____ scale low; long
What is particularly critical when using AEC positioning and centering
___________ improves with smaller pixel size, smaller pixel pitch, and larger image matrix spatial resolution
Anything that interferes with visualization of the image we wish to see noise
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