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product assembly


which two methods are older and are being replaced by newer methods? whole garment/tailoring and Progressive bundle/piecework
which computerized methods are replacing other methods to reduce production cost? Unit production system and modular manufacturing
describe the whole Garment/tailoring method One person does all the sewing task to make a garment
disadvantages of the whole garment/tailoring assembly method slow and expensive, person must be skilled in all sewing and tailoring task, much handwork, extensive pressing
How is traditional whole garment/tailoring method used in apparel production? very high priced custom sewing top quality
describe the progressive bundle/placework method of assembly On specific task to each other person along assembly line
what task in the progressive bundle /piecework method slow down production? sorting and bundling garment parts? work ticketing transportation of bundles to other locations
Describe the unit production system for assembly A computerized piecework system. The pieces are hung together on an over head production system that moves down the assembly line
what are the advantages of a unit production system? time is saved operators can see the overall garment assembly computers keep the system moving and organized
Describe the modular manufacturing assembly method divides the workers into separate independent teams or modular
advantages of the modular manufacturing assembly method reproduction of inventors. improved customer service. saves time. lowers cost. greater flexibility . increased productivity. healthier/safe workstation. improved quality or products. better space utilization .balanced production flow. higher jobs satifact
disadvantages of the modular manufacturing assembly method expensive to implement requires strong commitment from all employees requires on going training
Created by: bethanyhogan
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