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Image aquisition

What are the two modes of electronic imaging? (CR) computed radiography, (DR) digital radiography p.305
What is another word for screen/film imaging? Projection imaging 305
What is the law the proclaims that any combination of mA and exposure time that will produce a particular mAs, will produce identical receptor exposure. Reciprocity Law 306
What law states that the exposure rate is inversely proportional to the square of the distance inverse square law 306
in what formula is the inverse square law used when making a repeat exposure at a different SID? Exposure maintenance formula
Three ways that x-rays interact with tissue? Penetrate the part, scatter within the part, be absorbed by the part 310
Where would a moving grid be located? inside Bucky 312
Where would you find a focused grid? as an attachment on the image receptor 312
what happens where the CR angle is angled against the length of the lead strips inside a focused grid? Grid cut-off 313
characterized by a loss of exposure at the periphery of an IR, happens when SID is too low or too high from an IR with a grid? Off-Focus error, grid cutoff occurs at periphery of images, out of focal range for a particular grid 313
What does the grid ratio of an image receptor represent? The height of the lead strips inside the grid compared with the distance between them 314
what is the grid frequency? The number of lead strips per inch 314
What is the grid factor? ratio of total amount of radiation incident upon the surface of the grid compared with amount of radiation transmitted through the grid. ( G= incident total/ transmitted total) 314
most important way to reduce scatter collimation 316
scatter radiation increases with what factors increases of field size, kV, thickness of tissue, volume of tissue 316
what is the minimum requirement of total filtration for radiographic tubes that operate above 70kv 2.5 mm Al equivalent 317
Glass tube and collimators are considered what type of filtration? Inherent 317
type of filter that is added to tube to remove diagnostically useless x-rays? Added filtration 317
Examples of additive pathological conditions that reduce exposure to the IR? Ascites, Rheumatoid arthritis, Paget's disease, pneumonia, atelectasis, CHF, edema 318
Examples of destructive pathological conditions that have an undesirable increase in exposure to the IR? Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia, Pneumoperitoneum,emphysema, 318
What is directly proportional to patient dose and image density? mAs 321
How much of an increase or decrease in mAs is needed to correct an underexposed or overexposed image? 30% 321
density can be doubled or halved by increasing or decreasing the kV by what? 15% 324
used to provide a more uniform radiographic density with structures that have widely different attenuation coefficients? Compensating filters 326
how much ripple does a single phase generator produce? 100% ripple 329
how much ripple does a 3 phase 6 pulse generator produce? 13% ripple 329
how much ripple does a 3 phase 12 pulse produce? 4% ripple 329
how much ripple does a high frequency generator produce? <1% ripple 329
number of bits per pixel that determines greyscale? Bit depth 334
what kind of scale is high contrast? Short grey scale 338
what kind of scale is low contrast? Long grey scale 338
smaller pixel size does what to resolution? Improves it 357
Larger image matrix does what to resolution? Improves it 357
Created by: saluke