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Anguish Rough Emotional Pain,Torment
Bizarre Odd,Strange,Weird...Sometimes Creepy
Dank Humid,Damp,Moist
Disarming Using Charm To Remove Someones Suspicion
Discerned Perceived, Understood
Dread Fear, Foreboding, To Alarm
Extremity Extreme Limit Or End
Indolently Lazily
Lacerated Cut Up,Torn Apart
Menacing Threatening
Mirage An Illusion
Opaqueness Darkness,Unclear, Not Transparent
Quarry The Prey,Which Is Hunted
Reports Another Term For Gun Shots
Staccato Abrupt, Short, Clear Sounds
The Female Bear Had _______ Over Her Dead Cub. Anguish
Most Animals Are Know For The ______ Trait Of Eating Their Own Poop. Bizarre
Swap animals live in ______ environments. Dank
Young Children Use _______ Smiles As A Way Out Of Trouble. Disarming
The New Inter ______ Each Job On His First Try. Discerned
Almost All Students _____ Tests And Benchmarks. Dread
The Mountains ______ Was Rather High. Extremity
Some Students ______ Do Their Homework, Failing In Classes. Indolently
The Dead Carcass Of An Animal Is Often _______. Lacerated
Younger Stronger Male Wolves Are ______ To Alphas. Menacing
Magicians Have Mastered The Art Of _______ . Mirage
Certain Dark Crystals Have Lots Of ________. Opaqueness
Hunters Often Research Their _____ Before hunting. Quarry
Loud ______ Could Be Heard At The Gun Range. Reports
The Music Teacher Was Pleased With The ______ Notes. Staccato
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