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What to need to know sheet?

What is a lethal mutation? Mutation that causes death.
Do all mutation affect the offspring? If not, what type of mutation does not affect the offspring? No, there is a mutation called Somatic mutation that does not affect the offspring.
What causes down syndrome? Ploidy, a change in the # of chromosomes 1 to many of the 21st pair causes down syndrome.
What is cloning? Which term does not relate to cloning: embryo splitting, identical twins, hybrids, asexual reproduction? Cloning is a population of organisms with identical genes produced by the asexual reproduction of an individual; the process of producing such organisms.
When do somatic mutations occur? In body cells.
Who was the OT patriarch who practiced selective breeding techniques to increase his wages? Jacob
What is selective breeding? Choosing certain organisms with desirable traits to breed in the hope that their offspring would also have the desired traits.
What is albinism? A condition in which an organism is unable to produce certain pigments; especially noticeable in the cells of the skin, hair, and irises of the eyes.
What is genome? A complete set of an organism's genes.
Can mutations happen at any time? Yes
Are mutations seldom considered harmful? Mutations are almost always considered harmful although some cause so little damage as to be unnoticeable.
Are there some mutations that do not appear to affect the organism at all? Yes, like the color of the apple.
Can a person be a carrier of a dominant disorder but not have the disorder themselves? Yes
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