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RADT 465

ARRT Registry Review Covering Image Acquisition and Evaluation

This occurs when an x-ray photon interacts with matter and disappears, as a photoelectric effect? Absoprtion (Pg. 216)
This occurs when there is partial transfer of energy to matter, as in the Compton effect? Scattering (Pg. 216)
An increase in kilovoltage will cause an ______ in scattered photons, which will contribute to fog. Increase (Pg. 216)
What kind of laser is used in a scanner to obtain pixel data on a PSP? Helium- neon laser (Pg. 217)
____ is influenced by the type of rectification, total filtration and kv. Half value layer (HVL) (Pg. 217)
An electronic image (CR/DR), radiograph can be manipulated on a CRT through? Post processing (Pg. 218)
Aligning the x-ray tube, anatomic part, and IR so that they are parallel reduces? Shape distortion (Pg. 218)
Angling the x-ray tube can cause ______ of the part. Elongation (Pg. 218)
Magnification is ______proportional to SID and ______ proportional to OID. Inversely and directly (Pg. 218)
If you do not store film in a vertical position, the film could result in? Pressure marks (Pg. 219)
If the energy of a photon increases, wavelength will ________? Decrease (Pg. 219)
True/False: An increase in milliamperage serves to increase the number of photons produced at the target, but is unrelated to their energy. True (Pg. 219)
Defined by the height of the lead strips to the width of the interspace material? Grid ratio (Pg. 219)
Kilovoltage affects both ______ and ______ of the x-ray beam? Quantity and quality (Pg. 219)
Defined by the degree of difference between adjacent densities? Radiographic contrast (Pg. 221)
Contrast obtained with a grid compared with contrast without a grid is known as? Contrast improvement factor (Pg. 225)
Refers to the area being viewed? Field of view (FOV) (Pg. 224)
Pathological conditions such as congestive heart failure, pneumonia, and pleural effusion would require an _____ in exposure factors? Increase (Pg. 227)
When testing for quality assurance, __________ must be accurate to within 2% of the SID. Beam alignment (Pg. 226)
The larger the focal spot size, the ____ the blur produced in an image. Greater (Pg. 226)
When field size _____, scatter radiation decreases, and image quality increases? Decreases (Pg. 229)
When referring to the scale of contrast, ________ determines the midbrightness. Level control (Pg. 232)
When referring to the scale of contrast, ________ determines the total number of grays in the image. Window control (Pg. 232)
Refers to the number of lead strips per inch? Grid frequency (Pg. 237)
A graphic representation of pixel value distribution? Histogram (Pg. 238)
Occurs when the intensifying screen absorbs x-ray photon energy, emits light, and then ceases the light as soon as the energy source ceases? Fluorescence (Pg. 249)
Freckled like appearance made on some radiographs caused by very fast imaging? Quantum mottle (Pg. 249)
The brightness of fluoroscopic images is amplified through? Image intensification (Pg. 249)
Refers to the equipment and its safe and accurate operation? Quality control (Pg. 249)
_____ radiation comprises 10% to 30% of the x-ray beam. Characteristic (Pg. 247)
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