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www 38

Word Within The Word List 38

log reason
phor carry
loco place
de down
phobia fear
schizo divide
theo god
curs run
eu good
funi cord
nym name
ize make
re again
ambul walk
ideo idea
apo up
pre before
cosmo universe
phon sound
meta change
syllogism three-part deduction
metonymy association name
anaphora repetition in successive phrases
bowdlerize censor prudishly
locus classicus classical example
reiterate repeat
desultory rambling
funambulist tightrope walker
lyssophobia fear of insanity
idee fixe obsession
schism division
apotheosis raising to god status
precursor forerunner
cosmology study of the universe
euphony beautiful sound
Created by: carlslygrace