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www 37

Word Within The Word List 37

fug flee
pusill small
sed sit
ize make
luc light
vac empty
opia sight
ism system
ine nature of
nepo nephew
bon good
ous full of
anim mind
sub under
man hand
ex out
spir breathe
syn together
viv life
vacuous stupidly empty of ideas
nepotism favoritism to relatives
legerdemain sleight of hand
lucubration late studying
sedentary sitting
lionize treat as a celebrity
pusillanimous small-minded
assiduous persevering
bon vivant indulger in luxury
suspiration deep sigh
subterfuge evasive dodge
thanatopsis view of death
thanatos death
synoptic general in view
ex cathedra from the throne
saturnine gloomy and remote
Created by: carlslygrace