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Chest Review

What is the correct anatomic name for the Adams apple Laryngeal prominence
What is the name for the structure that serves as a lid over the larynx to prevent aspiration of food or fluid? Epiglottis
The internal prominence or ridge in which the trachea bifurcates carina
The inner layer of pleura that encloses the lungs and heart pulmonary pleura
What is not a mediastinal structure? Thymus, Aorta, Trachea, Epiglottis Epiglottis
The laryngeal prominence is located at C-5
The heart is located at T5-8
The asthenic body type makes up _____ of the population 10%
Which body type require the IR to be placed crosswise (Landscape) Hypersthenic
The definition of aspiration is Inhaled foreign body or food in the lungs
A general rule states that radiographic grids must be used in chest radiography for Exposures of 100 KVP or greater
If a PA chest xray only shows seven ribs what can you do to see more ribs Take exposure on 2nd deep inspiration
What is the disadvantage of an AP over a PA chest xray? Magnification of the heart
What critical factor is shown on erect chest and abdominal xrays? Air and Fluid levels
How can you tell if a PA chest xray is rotated? Look at the sterno-clavicular joints. They should be equidistant from the spine.
What can the technologist do to remove the scapula from the lung fields? roll the shoulders forward
Scoliosis and Kyphosis can produce asymmetry on a chest xray. True or False? True
For the average female chest xray the CR should be about ____ inches below the vertebral prominens Seven
Created by: cjweaks