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www 33

Word Within The Word List 33

de down
voc voice
luc light
acr sharp
ambul walk
pugn fight
sequ follow
centri center
ous full of
sanct holy
phon sound
clam cry out
trans across
fort strong
per through
fid faith
non not
ego i
loqu talk
sacro holy
caco bad
tang touch
declaim speak rhetorically
sotto voce in a low voice
translucent semitransparent
forte strong point
fortissimo very loudly
acerbity sharpness of temper
perambulate wander through
perfidy breach of faith
impugn attack as false
non sequitur an idea which does not follow
egocentric self-centered
loquacious talkative
sacrosanct sacred
cacophony bad noise
tangible touchable
Created by: carlslygrace