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www 32

Word Within The Word List 32

hypo under
dox opinion
put think
mega large
alter other
contra against
con together
circum around
sol alone
fy make
ous full of
hetero different
pater father
ver true
sangui blook
ego i
ven come
flu flow
loqu talk
moll soft
greg group
tion act or state
hypothecate pledge as security
heterodox unorthodox
paterfamilias male head of family
putative thought-to-be
aver affirm or declare
megaton force of a million tons of dynamite
sangfroid cold-blooded composure
alter ego second self
altercation heated dispute
contravene go against
confluence a flowing together
circumlocution talking in circles
soliloquy speech to oneself
mollify make soft
gregarious sociable
Created by: carlslygrace