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CSI MasterFormat

mix and match

Division 00 Procurement and Contracting Requirements
Division 01 General Requirements
Division 02 Existing Conditions
Division 03 Concrete: structural & architectural, forming & accessories, reinforcing steel, welded wire fabric, cast-in-place, finishing, curing, precast, decks, grout, topping, cutting & boring
Division 04 Masonry: unit clay, concrete, glass, adobe, stone, terra cotta, refractory, corrosion-resistant, manufactured
Division 05 Metals: structural framing, steel, aluminum, cabling, wire rope, joists, decking, cold-formed, stud, fabrications, stairs, railings, grates, floor plates, decorative
Division 06 Woods, Plastics, and Composites: rough carpentry & structural, framing, panels, timber, sheathing, glue-lam, finished carpentry, architectural woodwork, cabinets, stairs, railings, ornamental, trim, frames, screens, shutters, structural plastics & comps
Division 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection: damp-proofing, waterproofing, bituminous, sheet, sheet metal, fluid, insulation, vapor retarder, air barrier, green roof, shingles, tiles, siding, roof membrane, flashing, hatches, gutters, fire/smoke & joints protections
Division 08 Openings: doors/ windows & frames + assemblies of any material, specialties e.g sliding, air-tight, darkroom, vault, curtain walls, entrances, storefront, roof window & skylight, glazing & films, hardware, louvers, translucent wall/ roof
Division 09 Finishes: plaster & gypsum board and their related assemblies & non-structural framing, tiling & related membranes, ceiling acoustical & decorative, flooring of all materials, wall surfaces & coverings, acoustics, paints, coatings
Division 10 Specialties: info boards, kiosks, signage, display cases, phone stalls, interior cubicles & partitions, restroom & laundry accessories, fireplace & stoves, first aid & fire cabinets, storage lockers, mailboxes, shutters, awnings, flagpoles, pest control
Division 11 Equipment
Division 12 Furnishings
Division 13 Special Construction
Division 14 Conveying Equipment
Division 21 Fire Suppression
Division 22 Plumbing
Division 23 HVAC
Division 25 Integrated Automation
Division 26 Electrical
Division 27 Communications
Division 28 Electronic Safety and Security
Division 31 Earthwork
Division 32 Exterior Improvements
Division 33 Utilities
Division 34 Transportation
Division 35 Waterway and Marine Construction
Division 40 Process Integration
Division 41 Material Processing and Handling Equipment
Division 42 Process Heating, Cooling, and Drying Equipment
Division 43 Process Gas and Liquid Handling, Purification, and Storage
Division 44 Pollution Control Equipment
Division 45 Industry-Specific Manufacturing Equipment
Division 48 Electrical Power Generation
Procurement and Contracting Requirements Group Division 00
Specifications Group Divisions 01-49
General Requirements Subgroup Division 01
Facility Construction Subgroup Divisions 02-19
Facility Services Subgroup Divisions 20-29
Site and Infrastructure Subgroup Divisions 30-39
Process Equipment Subgroup Divisions 40-49
In which division can door hardware and window frames be found? Division 08 - Openings
What 4 things are described at the beginning of each division? Maintenance, Common work results, Schedules, and Commissioning
Created by: Wiggley
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