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Ch 5 Ward 3rd

The Student's Guide to Cognitive Neuroscience

My child has a rare form of epilepsy that may cause her death, if left untreated. What procedure is likely to be offered to her and why? Hemispherectomy, because the plasticity of children is greater than that of adults, making the removal the preferred method of treatment.
I am an adult with severe epilepsy and am unable to function due to the number of seizures I have each day. Medication is unable to control my condition. As my doctor, what treatment would you likely recommend and what are some potential side effects? Brain-split, alien hand! Because of limited plasticity of adults as compared to children, a brain-split operation is the most likely treatment for epilepsy this severe. Processing problems such as being unable to name items viewed in the left visual fie
What is agnosia? What are some conditions that may cause a form of agnosia? I have no idea!!!! Agnosia is a lack of awareness or not knowing. Stroke can cause a lack of awareness of a hemisphere of the body, split-brain surgery can cause a lack of awareness of the activities of a hand, and face blindness may be caused b
I am an active young person and I compete on the equestrian team. I recently had a bad fall and broke my femur. Why did I have a stroke? Sometimes breaking a bone, especially a large bone, can cause fat to enter blood stream, blocking blood flow to the brain or rupturing a weak portion of a blood vessel in the brain.
I am a sedentary older person and I recently started water aerobics. Why did I have a stroke? An inactive lifestyle increases risk of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. All of these increase the likelihood that a person will have a stroke.
What is the difference between an ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke? An ischemic stroke is caused by a lack of blood flow to an area of the brain. A hemorrhagic stroke is cause by a rupture of a blood vessel in the brain.
I am an active young person and I am having an appendectomy. Why did I have a stroke? I may have had a stroke because an air bubble or blood clot entered my blood stream, blocking or rupturing a blood vessel in my brain.
I am an active young person with good eating habits, good sleep hygiene, and a strong social network. Why did I have a stroke? I may have had an underlying genetic condition such as an abnormal connection between blood vessels or a weak area in a blood vessel.
I am a football player with a head injury. Describe what happened to my brain when I was quarterback sacked. Shearing forces/TBI