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RAD456: Reg. Review

ARRT Registry Review: Equipment Operation and Quality Control

How often must radiographic equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? Annually Lange Q&A pg. 259
Light sensitive AEC devices are known as what? Phototimers Lange Q&A pg. 260
The electron cloud within the xray tube is the product of a process called what? Thermionic emission Lange Q&A pg. 260
Of what material is the filament of the cathode assembly made of? Tungsten Lange Q&A pg. 261
The voltage ripple associated with a three-phase, 12-pulse rectified generator is about what percentage? 13-14% Lange Q&A pg. 263
As electrons impinge on the anode surface, less than 1% of their kinetic energy is changed to what? x-rays Lange Q&A pg. 264
The regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance is most accurately termed as what? Quality control Lange Q&A pg. 264
When the radiographer selects the kilovoltage on the control panel, which device is adjusted in the circuit? Autotransformer Lange Q&A pg. 264
Star and wye configurations are related to what? Three-phase transformers Lange Q&A pg. 264
The device used to test the accuracy of the x-ray timer is termed what? Spinning top Lange Q&A pg. 265
The kV settings on radiographic equipment must be tested annually and must be accurate to within how much? +/- 4 kV Lange Q&A pg. 265
To maintain image clarity in an image-intensifier system, the path of electron flow from the photocathode to the output phosphor is controlled by what? Electrostatic lenses Lange Q&A pg. 267
What term describes the amount of electric charge flowing per second? Current Lange Q&A pg. 267
That portion of the remnant x-ray beam representing anatomical details having desirable quality is referred to as? Signal Lange Q&A pg. 268
The image intensifier's input phosphor generally is composed of what? Cesium iodide Lange Q&A pg. 273
How often are radiographic equipment kV settings required to be evaluated? Annually Lange Q&A pg. 272
The image-intensifier tube's input phosphor functions to convert what to what? X-rays to light Lange Q&A pg. 273
What is the term used to describe the phenomenon of losing image brightness at the edges of the surface due to a curved imaging plate? Vignetting Equipment Operation and Quality Control (In-class handout)
What is the number of cycles of sinusoidal wavelength per second in the U.S.? 60 cycles per second (Equip. Operation & Quality Control (In-class handout)
What is the formula for Ohm's Law? V=IR V=Voltage I=Current R=Resistance In-class Handout (Equip Operation)
What are the PSP plates cleaned with? Anhydrous ethanol In-class handout
Created by: jlemmons1