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Africa Test

One of the reasons why Europeans didn't develop plantations in Africa was the land of America was better suited for the ____ ____ they wanted. Cash Crops
The forced legal separation of Blacks and Whites in South Africa. Apartheid
In what region of Africa would find the Ancient civilizations of Ghana and Mali? Western
The portion of the triangular trade the brought slaves to America. Middle Passage
How many people died during Congo's Civil War? 5 Million
This is similar to genocide but are NOT the same thing Ethnic Cleansing
Most African countries accomplished this following World War 2 Independence
Who decided the boundaries of current day African Countries Colonizers
The richest man in the history of the world Mansa Musa
Where is the Serengeti Plain Kenya
Ethnic Rivalries due to European drawn _____ has been the main cause of conflict in Africa since European colonization. Borders
Ancient Africa kingdom of Timbuktu was wealthy and economy was based on____? Trade
Why were the European countries interested in colonizing in Africa? Resources
Europeans didn't use native Americans as slaves rather than Africans because they all died of? Disease
The driest part of Africa Northern
The most important reason the U.S did not intervene against the corrupt African dictators was because? The Cold War and the leaders were Anti-Social
We know so little about Ancient Africa history because they had no? Written Language
What kind of leaders took control over African countries after their independence. Another word for Dictator Totalitarian
Most of Africa is located in what climate zone? Sub Tropical
Fewer Africans then Americans survive HIV/AIDS because of what? Less access to medicine
What large city was the main cultural learning of the Mali empire? Timbuktu
About how many slaves made it to the Americas? 10 Million
Desert found in southwestern Africa Sahara Desert
People who share a common cultural background? Ethnic Group
About how many millions if Africans are infected with AIDS? 25-30 million Africans
What African countries have experienced Genocide in recent years? Sudan, C.A.R, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Bosnia
Where is the Sahara Desert? Northern Africa
People from which continent colonized in Africa in the 1800's Europe
The ONLY African country that experienced Apartheid Southern Africa
Boundaries of the African nation were created with no regard to what? Ethnic Groups and Tribes
Most African Slaves ended up in the part of the Americas The Caribbean
Who was known as the leader of the African resistance to Apartheid? Nelson Mandela
Created by: KassiCole