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rad bio quiz 1

rad bio quiz 1 questions, ch 32, 33

What does the law of bergone and triboneau state? radiosensitivity increases with proliferation rate
What is the difference between dose fractionation and protraction? rate
What occurs during meiosis 2? no DNA replication, ea. Daughter cell divides and the DNA is split between the 2
Are stem cells radiosensitive? yes
What is the total number of somatic cells for a human somatic cell? 23
What type of tissue is most radiosensitive? bone marrow
What is the least radiosensitive time for a human? adulthood
Radiation protection guidelines are based on what type of curve? linear nonthreshhold
Why is dose fractionation less effective at cell damage than a single acute dose? cellular recovery occurs between doses
What causes and altered DNA sequence in human cells? gene mutation
Which cell group is most radiosensitive? lymphocytes and spermatogonia
What is the most radiosensitive part of the cell cycle? mitosis
What is the RBE for diagnostic x-rays? 1
What type of curve does occupational exposure follow? nonlinear, threshold
How are RBE and LET related? RBE is directly proportional to LET
During which stage of mitosis is radiation damage analyzed? metaphase
Vitamin K is a what? radiosensitizer
Created by: annaluz87