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Equipment and QC

What two parts can the electromagnetic spectrum be divided into? It can be divided into ionizing and nonionizing (Pg. 8).
What is another name for Beta particles? Beta rays (pg.12)
What kind of radiation damage causes a molecular change which leads to abnormal cell function? Cellular damage (pg.13)
What is the anode made of? Tungsten or metal alloy (pg. 31)
What creates the permanent inherent filtration of an xray unit? Glass envelope and aluminum in collimator (pg. 32)
What is it called when the primary beam pass through the patient? Beam attenuation (pg.33)
What is it called when xray protons pass through the patient without interaction? Direct transmission (pg. 33)
What is it called when compton/coherent scatter hits the IR? Indirect transmission (pg. 33)
How can radiographers decrease the amount of scatter that hits the IR? Use air gaps or grids (pg.33)
What happens to the image when scatter hits the IR? It decreases the quality (pg. 33)
What are imaging formation photons? Photons that pass through the patient and hit the IR (pg.33)
Which interaction causes an atom to vibrate? Coherent (pg. 37)
What are other names for Coherent scatter? Classic, elastic, and unmodified (pg. 37)
Energy is absorbed by atom during coherent scatter. T/F? False. Energy is not absorbed, but it is redirected (pg.36)
What interaction includes an xray photon ejecting an outer shell electron of an atom? Compton (pg. 38)
The ejected electron from Compton scatter is capable of ionizing other atoms. T/F? True (pg. 39)
What interation takes place when an xray photon ejects an inner shell electron from an atom? Photoelectric Absorption (pg 40)
How much energy is needed for a pair production interaction to occur? 1.022 megaelectron volts (MeV) (pg.46)
Which interaction creates a negatron and a positron? paired production (pg 47)
What interaction is used in positron emission tomography? Annihilation radiation (pg. 47)
Sherer, M., Visconti, P. J., & Ritenour, E. R. (2011). Radiation Protection in Medical Radiography (6th ed.). Maryland Heights, MO: Mosby Elsevier.
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