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RADT465: Equip.& QC

ARRT registry review covering Equipment Operation and Quality Control

What constitutes the largest man-made source of ionizing radiation? Diagnostic x-rays
How much do exams conducted with intensifying screens reduce the exposure to a patient? By 95 percent
How often should x-ray equipment be checked for linearity and reproducibility? Annually
What is the SI unit for effective dose? Sievert (Sv)
Which x-ray production occurs when an electron changes direction and loses energy? Bremsstrahlung
MRI, CT, and CR are examples of which type of imaging? Digital imaging
A CT gantry includes what? High voltage generator, multidetector array, and an x-ray tube
What determines the heat capacity of an x-ray tube target? The rotation of the anode, the diameter of the anode, and the size of the focal spot
What is a phototimer? A device that allows automatic exposure control and terminates an exposure once the IR has been correctly exposed
What is thermionic emission? Emission of electrons from a heated surface (the electron cloud in an x-ray tube)
How does AEC work? A parallel-plate ionization chamber receives a particular as x-ray photons travel through it
How can radiologic technologists increase the effective energy of the x-ray beam? Increase the added filtration and increase the kV
What is automatic brightness control? Feature on a fluoroscope that allows the radiologist to select an image-brightness level that is maintained automatically by varying the kVp, the mAs, or both.
Cracking of an anode or rotor-bearing damage could be the result of what? Delivering large exposures to a cold anode and exceeding a tube's exposure limitation
What is the relationship between kV and HVL? As kV increases, so does HVL
When window level increases, what else increases? Brightness
What are solid-state diodes? Circuit devices that permit the flow of electrons in only one direction
What are the functions of the AEC back-up timer? Protects the patient from overexposure and protects the x-ray tube from excessive heat
What is a generator? Coverts mechanical energy into electrical energy
What is a slit camera used to measure? focal-spot size and spatial resolution
What does a grid-controlled x-ray tube do? Turns on and off rapidly, providing multiple short, precise exposures
Why is tungsten a useful element in x-ray production? Dissipates heat well, has a high melting point and high atomic number
What is the voltage ripple for a three-phase, 12-pulse rectified generator? 13 percent voltage ripple
An image intensifier includes what? The photocathode, the focusing lenses, and the accelerating anode
Which device controls voltage by varying resistance? A rheostat
What is quality control? The regular measurement and evaluation of radiographic equipment components and their performance
A QC program checks what? Reproducibility, linearity, and positive beam limitation/automatic collimation
What are the three steps to an acceptable QC program? Acceptance testing, routine performance monitoring, and maintenance
The misalignment of the x-ray field and the light field to the collimator must not exceed what percentage of the SID? 2 percent of the SID
What are the three tools used for measurement of focal-spot size? The pinhole camera, the star pattern, and the slit camera
For a kilovolt peak calibration, the measure kVp should be within what percentage of the indicated kVp? 10 percent
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