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Pharmacology classes

Classification of drugs

Analgesic Relieves pain
Anesthetic Produces a lack of feeling
Antacid Neutralizes stomach acid
Antianxiety Relieves anxiety and muscle tension
Antiarrhythmic Controls cardiac arrhythmias
Antibiotic Inhibits or destroys bacteria
Anticholinergic Blocks parasympathetic nerve impulses
Anticoagulant Prevents or delays blood clotting
Anticonvulsant Prevents or relieves convulsions
Antidepressant Prevents or relieves the symptoms of depression
Antidiarrheal Prevents or relieves diarrhea
Antidote Counteracts poisons and their effect
Antifungal Kills fungi and yeast
Antimanic Treats the manic episode of manic‐depressive disorder
Antineoplastic Kills malignant cells
Antipsychotic Treats psychotic symptoms
Antitussive Relieves cough
Bronchodilator Dilates the bronchi
Contraceptive Prevents conception and pregnancy
Diuretic Increases urination
Expectorant Increases removal of bronchopulmonary mucous secretions
Hemostatic Controls bleeding
Hypnotic Produces sleep
Hypoglycemic Lowers blood glucose level
Laxative Loosens stools and encourages bowel elimination
Muscle relaxant Relaxes muscle
Nonsteroidal anti‐inflammatory drug (NSAID) Relieves fever, pain, and inflammation
Sedative Produces a calming effect
Tranquilizer Reduces tension and anxiety
Vasodilator Lowers blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels
Vasopressor Elevates blood pressure by constricting blood vessels
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